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    So I was asking a question about my range, and I got a reply that says a "13k range." What does this mean? I hear it all the time, but I have idea what it means, because I'm used to hearing ranges like 4000-7000 and stuff like that. So what does it mean to have [number here]k range?

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    13k is 13,000.

    1k is 1000.

    the range you posted would be 3k-7k.

    its an abbreviation.

    is that what youre asking?

    edit: after reading other peoples posts...Id assume its the largest number. example, my range is 20k. the range on my screen is 15,000-20,000.

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    Pretty sure they mean maximum range. Minimum range is just maximum range multiplied by mastery, which is the same across all characters of the same class and job advancement, so if you wanted to, you could determine it using max range.

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    And if they only give you one number.... it's usually the bigger number. 13k range would be for someone whose range is 10,000~13,000 (or if it's 9,000~13,000.... same thing).



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