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    Does anyone here know which Kasier Mastery books were available in the Tempest shop?

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    All of them?

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    Even their version of Maple Warrior?

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    MW is never included in shops.

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    The hot day kaiser book can give Nova warrior 20/30. Same with the Angelic Buster hot day book.
    The Luminous one, unfortunately, can not give Maple Warrior 20/30, however.

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    So all the books can be bought in the Tempest shop, right? That's the 20 and the 30 versions of each one?

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    I can't say for sure. as of now there are only "-insert class name here- mystery mastery books" and "hero special mystery mastery books" in the tempest shop. Whether they will add specific books to the shop as they are released, I dunno. So I can't really say for sure if there's a chance of Nova warrior 20/30 from the MMBs in the shop.

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    NW can be received from their respective Tempest Shop Class Mastery Books given they are the same ones that are listed in the Extractions, which I'd assume they are. However, you still have to gamble on it, it's still a MMB.

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    If you mean specific books in the tempest shop, there's nothing but mystery mastery books in the tempest shop in Ariant. Knowing Nexon, though, they're probably not going to add specific mastery books until the patch that introduces the class that the books are for, if they add any at all. If you mean what books can be included in Kaiser's class specific mystery books, it's all of them, including nova warrior 20/30, according to Fiel's extraction.

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    I hope they add specific books, that'd be incredible. Would make things sooooo much easier, even if they cost quite a bit more.

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    I guess i should've been more clearer in my 1st post.
    What I mean is were there any specific mastery books available in the tempest shop for kaisers in KMS just as there were for Phantoms (and jetts? for GMS) and if so which ones were in there?

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    They never did that in kMS, they've only ever sold class specific mystery books.



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