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  1. Default Assorted Inquiries

    1. Is there any benefit to having a Cygnus Knight anymore?
    2. In which order is Defense and % damage reduction applied?
    3. Is there any way to avoid being one-shotted by Aswan Guardian Turrets on hard or above?
    4. Is status resistance additive or multiplicative?

    Thank <:

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    1. If you don't have a Mihile you have to settle for regular cygnus knights for 30 attack no harm done.
    3. I don't even know what you're talking about, hard mode doesn't 1 shot you unless you get blasted by the land mines or think you're so pro and try and tank the body of the tower which still usually kills you 1 shot unless you have super high hp. It takes out a % of your hp, lets say like 60-70% if you don't have enough you're dead (I don't have exact percentages for you).
    4. I would guess you're trying to stack resist stuff, its additive. 40 skill, +20 willpower + 30 resist pot (an example).

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    Hard mode mines do exactly 100% of my HP and sometimes they spread out in such a way that they're completely unavoidable. Is there no way to reduce that damage?

    And another; I see that Azwan mobs are tagged as bosses. Does % boss damage apply, or is there an exception made for them in the same way as LHC?

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    nope, no way

    and they work like LHC

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    What I usually do is use a rush skill whenever the beams are about to land on me: rush for warriors, tornado spin/musphelheim for dualblader/shadower.
    Works like a charm~

    But yea you can't tank the beams :(

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    Sometimes the landmines don't all spawn at once, but still cover the area you could possibly escape to. If you time it perfectly you might be able to slip in between bombs. It's happened a few times on my Phantom when randomly flash-jumping around and every time it happens I think it's a miracle.

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    Nope, all you can do is dodge, for phantom I just cheat and warp so far away nothing can reach me LOL. I don't have much else to say for other jobs, use the timings of the blasts and use whatever movement skills you got, rush, fj, etc.
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    Default Re: Assorted Inquiries

    I think I'm so pro I can tank the body
    It only does 2.5k to me or something as a paladin.
    As my Jett, I have problems just moving past the owl towers.

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    I see pretty big variation on touch damage, 7.5-10k on my Hero. The nice thing about tanking the body though is that the big guys also like to stand on it, and only do about 500 touch, and it can also miss sometimes.

    What I've seen on my Paladin is that defense is applied before %reductions it has (Achilles+PG). But, defense being a percent as well above a certain point in damage, it's hard to say (at that point, it'd just be damage*def%*reduction%, and you can't really say one or the other matters)



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