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  1. Default Should I continue my DK?

    Just came back to maplestory after over a year of hiatus and started funding my lv187 DK when I realise there are many new classes out there that I don't even know.
    I played DK mainly for its survivability and party buff HB, so that I can survive boss runs and still support my party with my party buff and moderately funded character.
    Since there are many new classes now, I was wondering if there's another class with very good survivability (at queen, pb etc) and needed in the squad not only for its attack power (as I'm only aiming for 60k+ max damage range), but also party buffs/usefulness?
    From what I read, Phantoms/DB with 9999 avoid is almost invincible but phantoms can steal skills from adventurers so it's more useful in party. How true is this?

    TL;DR? I need suggestions for a class with very good survivability at bosses & needed in the squad for party buffs/usefulness for both released and coming soon classes.

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    The classes with the best survivability now are Paladins, Shadowers, Battle Mages (apparently), Dual Blade and Phantom. Dark Knight has great HP, but lacks defensive abilities.

    I don't think Phantom is available for creation anymore, so unless you already have one, you're out of luck. If you have one, though, they can have any useful Adventurer party buff.

    Also, in the future, if you plan to play that long, avoidability will get nerfed, so the maximum amount of dodge/avoidability/evasion you can have is 90%, so you'll still get hit at least 10% of the time.

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    Default Re: Should I continue my DK?

    off the top of my head, Battle Mage? Its probably a well likable party class and revamps made it a pretty good contender for damage. its jusjt pretty repetitive

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    Are they ranked in any particular order?

    Paladin has CO & threaten.
    Sdw & DB doesn't seem to have any useful party buffs?
    BaM has party shield and auras. What do u mean by "apparently" for BaM?
    Phantom has adventurers' buffs.

    I've created a phantom already =)
    Any idea when or which patch is the evasion/dodge rate cap implemented?

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    Nah, no particular order. Paladins are the best "tanks" period, though. I don't think Shadowers and Dual Blades do have any party buffs (except Haste). It's been a while since I played either of them. "Apparently" was put next to Battle Mage because I've only been told this and haven't experienced it myself. Honestly, I had no idea they had any kind of defensive capabilities until I was told this a few days ago. lol

    Since you have a Phantom, I'd suggest going with it. It has decent damage, high avoidability, and access to all of the good Adventurer party buffs (and most attacks). Plus, I found it a lot of fun to play after 4th job, since it is very flexible.

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    So phantoms don't die a lot at tough bosses right?
    They're still good after the tempest patch nerf?

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    Default Re: Should I continue my DK?

    Phantoms have excellent survivability (especially when stealing things like hb/meso guard etc) and a wide range of party buffs. They're still good after the nerf (already implemented).

    Oh, and Shads have smokescreen. Not a party "buff", but still a very useful party skill.

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    Yeah, forgotten about shads' SS.
    Guess it's phantoms then...
    Thanks for the reply guys.

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    I will give you an SS of my BaM in a while. It's to show why BaMs have one of the best survivabilities around.

    /Edit: Here's a crappily pieced together Paint-work from my BaM. So many useful stuff. Used to be more survivable when Twister wasn't changed, because that was an auto-invulnerability for about 20 seconds, with a cooldown of about 40 seconds? Now it's changed to a vortex/monster magnet type of skill

    crappy picture

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    Default Re: Should I continue my DK?

    If I were you, try to make the new classes that have link skills. You can get them to lv 70 and then transfer the buff to your Phantom when the re-release is out. However, I think link skill lv 2 is 120 if you want to shoot for higher buffs.



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