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  1. Default "That squirrel looks familiar..." (LoL)

    Feel free to share my stuff anywhere and everywhere. Just leave me a link so I can read the comments. : )

    How I play support

    "Vi"onic Arm!

    Fabulous Heimerdinger

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  2. Default Re: LeBlanc (LoL)

    Nice work as always, boobman. c:

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    Default Re: LeBlanc (LoL)

    Still useless in teamfights
    Very nice picture though, her breasts would rival Sona's

  4. Default Re: LeBlanc (LoL)

    Well, until Loose draws his own version of Sona that is.

  5. Default Re: LeBlanc (LoL)

    Yeah, I like how they turned out too. I'm not sure if her shoes are even like that, but they seem to fit. : P

  6. Default Re: LeBlanc (LoL)

    People often ask me why I don't play Heimer, cause I play almost all the ap mids.
    I said until he gets a skin where he's black, and hass a real afro, I'm not using him. Was joking of course. :P

    Nice addition with the pick, lol.

  7. Default Re: LeBlanc (LoL)


    Now do Neon Strike Vi. Maybe the pose when she's about to recall. IT'S FABULOUS. Check youtube if you haven't seen it.

  8. Default Re: LeBlanc (LoL)

    Expected boobs, was not disappointed.



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