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    Hey guys! First off I just want to thank you for even clicking on this thread. Secondly, Id like to explain my purpose.

    I just recently started making tunes purely for enjoyment, and decided that I wont make music just to sell and make money on, but rather for the enjoyment of others and to hopefully inspire others to just do something they enjoy doing.

    So on that note I'd like you guys to please give this song a listen to, My goal in this tune was to just create a fun atmosphere and hopefully get the listener to envision the seemingly endless expanse of the desert, and groove to the music.

    I really hope you guys enjoy it, feel free to give my constructive criticism or even if you dont like it feel free to voice your opinion too. Thanks again for taking your time to listen!!


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    Oh, this is pretty great and fun to listen! This is not so much criticism as it's commentary but I do feel as if the later parts of the piece with the groovy bit make me think of making one's way through a sandstorm or exploring a pyramid.

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    The only part I didn't like was 0:13 to 0:40, it feels like someone is messing with the volume, turning it up and down. But once I got past the part, the rest was great.

    The song makes me think of racing through the desert during the darker half of a sunset.

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    Ooo do like! I think it'd make great BGM for a desert/sandy dunes area of an adventure game!

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    Can I comment on it production-wise? Needs more:

    - Sidechaining. Sidechain the kick to the pad to have a more interesting effect and get some breathe room for your drums.
    - Compression! Not too much, just the right touch. Compress the master track so you end up with more even levels and your track sounding more in-the-face.
    - EQing. I can't make out the pad with the bass on the back.
    - The lead is too low, crank it up!

    Uhm, cool track by the way. I enjoyed it :)

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    Thats a complete shock because I did exactly everything you said. The pad was the sampled vocals and I compressed it with the bass. Thats what gives it that breathing effect. If you want to hear the unmastered version I would gladly upload it for you and show you the difference.
    But thank you I know that i probably should just put even more time to truly polish a track. Thank you.

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    Thank you very much everyone! You guys pictured it exactly in the way I had hoped!



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