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Thread: Neo City issues

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    Neo city quests reset every time I log off as you can see on my quest helper, also Bergamot, Overlord or whatever the name is for the big ass robot doesn't drop the etc item I need to finish my quest, intead it drops those pandas belts. Happening to me and my bf while trying to finish Neo City quest line.

    Images of problem

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    Confirming. I was having the exact same problem when I tried to finish Neo City.

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    Ditto, though I noticed it when I was trying to farm some of those sands.


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    The quest resetting has been there forever and great now its going to be harder to get the mastery books for my carecters

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    I am pretty sure this was mentioned on the Basil Tempest Glitch thread and a few other glitch thread.

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    I hope they fix this so I can get "Class Mastery Books" for the 3 new classes.

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    This is SouthPerry, not Basil

    This is what I'm aiming for, Neo City is only worth it for the medal and the book.

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    Yes, hopefully it's fixed before Kaiser's out. I'd love to go smack that peach Oberon around while completely ignoring her DR.

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    Anyone know if this was fixed with the Lumi patch?

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    Yes it's fixed. My lumi went through everything smoothly.


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    Confirming the fix. I did this last night.



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