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Thread: Reverse DB Mask

  1. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Default Reverse DB Mask

    They changed it to be tradeable within the account, which I found pretty interesting. I think @Sephie; had one on her warrior?

  2. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    It also still comes from gach, if anyone is wondering.

  3. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    NOW IM SO MAD I CHAOS'D IT. :( Was 10 att clean, thought id never use it again

  4. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    Wow I got one of those from gacha a few weeks ago and threw it away cuz I was a Merc. Well I only play my merc as a main, but would have been useful on a thief mule :(

  5. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    Aw man this is peachin! Now I can fuse my crappy ones and make a good one!

  6. Euro Minicar Straight Male
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    Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    you could innocence it then positive chaos :)

  7. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    Yeah but they level up, mine was 4 att clean then gained +2 att each lvl. Sadly i don't think id ever be lucky enough to get it that perfect again :(

  8. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    Not sure if this is relevant in this thread, but it seems they made gallant manuals tradeable as well (outside of account too). Don't know if this happened awhile ago or after the recent patch. I may be behind on things haha.

  9. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
    IGN: VerrKol
    Server: Zenith
    Level: 204
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    Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    Manuals have always been tradable

  10. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    Well I feel stupid now. Could've sworn once you equipped one, they turn untradeable.

  11. Default Re: Reverse DB Mask

    If only the mask wasn't restricted to Thief Only :(



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