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  1. Default The game itself needs some buffs.

    All these classes are nice and all, but really, GMS is not the only one with problems, as all they ever do is copypasta. I'm sure KMS probably shares a few of these too.

    • Map Portal Lag
      I'm sure anyone would've noticed this, but whenever you first log into any of your characters, portals initially don't really work. You need to hold the up button for like 3 seconds to make them work for the first 2 or 3 portals. If you have ever gone to a portal that doesn't allow you to enter because of some requirement, and hold the up button, you would see that it gives like 5-10 inputs per second, so that means normal portals will randomly need about 25-40 inputs before one of those inputs actually register. This started happening once Tempest patch started.

    • Town Lag
      Fiel discussed this before, and gave us a thorough explanation that I don't remember fully, but I did get the gist of it: Gaga and Cassandra keep refreshing every 1 second, and since a few patches ago, it seems to be every 200ms that they do the refreshing, making it lag even more. The refreshing was the keep track of event dates. This bug is copypasted from big KMS patches, so this isn't a GMS problem and I'm sure these two NPCs are causing much "town lag" in KMS too.

    • Skill Lag
      This is another error that only started when tempest arrived. Any skill that hits more than 3 mobs happens to give you a 300-500ms lag whenever it does hit more than 3 mobs, and the more mobs it hits the bigger the lag. This, like the town lag, already existed since last year but only recently became more prevalent due to it's increase in effectiveness at making you lag and stutter.

    • Unexplained Crashing
      Now this has been here since beta, but really, how often does a game need to crash? You're randomly playing Maple, when suddenly you're not playing Maple and now looking at the desktop, in like not even 3 seconds time. Quite ridiculous how obnoxious this game's crashing is, and games don't need to have unexplained crashes that are never fixed even after 120 patches. Maybe it's bad coding, I don't know. It certainly is bad decision making, like the explained crashes, which makes me scared to use Body Pressure when going from map to map anymore because the buff keeps hitting enemies the split second I enter the map and then the GMpolice disconnects me "for hack reason" even though I never did that.

      It has gotten to the point where it's impossible for one to set up a store permit in room 10 without crashing an unpredictable amount of time later, always less than 5 hours. It's room 10, so it wasn't d/c hackers but rather the glitchy coding that crashes you.

    • Free Market and the Economy
      Nexon likes to make decisions based around being money grubby and trying to profit in every aspect possible. It's the sole reason why KMS streamlines Maple over and over to the point where the new classes' skills are recolors of existing skills, and over at GMS it's the same 7 maps to grind on to 200, with 10-110 being spent entirely at NLC. The reason being is because profit targets set by the investors are too pineappleing high. They've been high since they bought the company, which led to introducing the potential system, and we all saw where the game went from there.

      It has gotten to the point where the only ways to profit ingame is to either spend your rent money on the game itself, merch, or take advantage of events. It's been like this since 2009, and with the removal of the MTS and WS, the game is becoming more and more real money based like Diablo 3.

      While the real money store where you can sell items for Dollars instead of meso (due to lack of meso sinks, same problem with D3's gold) would be nice, there's no way Nexon would implement that, because there's more profit to be had forcing everyone to gamble the pomegranatety cash shop surprise, cubes, gachapon, skillbooks, scrolls, and pineappleing everything else in the game. Runescape in it's current state, overrun with hot/cold x2 bots, has less gambling than current Maple. It's absurd.

      Wonderking (anyone remember that?) was an old Maple clone from way back before big bang. Today it's outclassed in everything that isn't the market. Maple would benefit greatly if it were to just throw out the current FM system and adopt Wonderking's FM system, which is leagues better than Maple's FM. Basically, it's like the DFO market, except limited to 3 items and the store permits and FM still exist, and you can only access it in the FM room. This would mean store permits would be needed to sell 18 items (work the same way as they do now), and you can still sell 3 items in the exchange place, similar fashion to the mush houses which would go the way of the white scroll along with owls. Buyers can search the exchange place to see price listings, choose and pick what to buy, and control prices easier. The exchange place overall makes the market flow better. With people being able to hit 200 in two weeks, this market upgrade would be reasonable for those who lack the obscene amount of disposable income to play this game "properly" like Nexon intended (like me).

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    • Cash Shop Inventories and Trading System
      If we can't have Wonderking's market system, then at least give us the cash shop trading system that KMS has been having since forever now. This would allow people to straight up sell cubes rather than gamble the cash shop surprise to convert nx to Meso, but because selling cubes to gain Meso is not gambling, we got the cash shop surprise instead.

      Also, for pineapple's sake, it costs $5000 to make a legendary potential, A rank nebulite, double line legendary bonus potential on all of the 12 equips for one character as is, there is no need to pineappleing do this whole "separate cash shop inventories to force the buying of new nx clothes, then make over 9000 classes to capitalize on that" tactic anymore. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous on how many things are left as is just to make more money off it: The separate cash inventories, zhelms that still need scissors before equipping, no cash shop trading system yet, still the same pomegranatety market system as back in 2006... It's insulting.

    • Starting Up Maple
      Now this is a problem that has been here since I don't even know how long, but I've never played this game on Windows XP, ever. The game is still programmed to run on 800 Mhz processor computers that are on XP, and it's quite obvious whenever you go into the Henesys Weapons and Armor store.

      They keep saying the game's been updated to work with Vista and Windows 7, yet all that has done is reduce crashing. While that is nice, there's still the crashing problems that persist with even XP users, the explained crashes like the GMpolice, and d/c hackers. You still crash a bunch, really.

      And when you do crash, start it up again, click play, see the antihack thing show up and then the client show up, you find that rather than the game starting right away, like it would on XP, it would take like 2 to 3 minutes to actually start up on Vista or 7. every. single. time. It's just ridiculous.

  2. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    Yeah, the startup time is pineappleing ridiculous

    My PC has 4GB RAM, 2.70 GHz dual core CPU, etc., yet, it takes longer to load up MS than it does to load Vindictus.

    Vindictus of course, being one of the newer, and more resource heavy kMMORPGs, while Maple Story is one of the older and less resource heavy.

  3. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I've never had any of these issues on kMS.

  4. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    Same here bruh.

    I have pot lag and loot lag though from latency.

  5. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    pineappleing Nexon make a better game

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    Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I'm only having delay with portals and starting MS but that's it.

  7. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I doubt that I could find it again, but maybe a year or so ago someone posted an image showing GMS using 2 or 3 times the CPU and memory that KMS did. I assume the reason is that GMS version is bloated up with anti-hack stuff.

    Also the start up is unreasonable slow even on my new comp with MS installed on a fast solid-state-drive.
    I can boot Win7 in 10 seconds, but MS still takes ages.

    Town and skill lag is mainly a problem for older computers, but that doesn't excuse it. It wouldn't occur at all except for careless coding leading to waste of CPU and memory resources.

  8. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    Town and skill lag just make me want to shoot myself.

  9. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    It is depressing that GMS runs this poorly. I think even the EU version runs better :/

    Not to mention we still have that horrible 3 second skill cooldown lag which screws over stuff like snipe.

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    Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I really don't have the type of portal lag that so many of you are complaining about. It takes a bit longer to enter a portal since the Tempest patch, but it isn't even close to 3 seconds.

  11. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    It's not "lag", you have to press up and only up now, same with ropes and (I presume) ladders. If you have more than one directional key pressed they won't work.

  12. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    Don't think that's intended. At least I don't recall it happening.

  13. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    But you can jump and grab ropes just like normally.

  14. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I noticed that GMS has a lot of duplicate monsters and maps, mostly stuff that isn't necessary to keep in the game. If they removed some of it, maybe the game would take up less space.

  15. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    Like which maps?
    I can only think of "necessary" maps for quests and alternate training spots. And I think that almost every mob in the game is related to a quest, somehow.
    Or do you mean like have only nlc/lhc/tot/sh?

    Also, I've never experienced any of those things except loot lag, just like Locked.

  16. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I doubt it was intended, but I was just clarifying that it's not lag, it's a different bug.

  17. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I mean maps like the old Victoria Island maps (not the ones used in the event) as well as old Hard Mode Dojo maps. There are other maps, but I can't think of any at the moment.

  18. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    You can still access Old Maple, as well as access SUPER OLD HHG2 + 3, and the new Fantasy Theme Park. Those right there is like 20-25+ maps

  19. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    Tracking MS startup on my 6-core 2.6GHz, with 4GB of memory:
    Starting the timer from when I hit esc to close the pre-game ads.
    82 seconds: Nexon/Wizet logos appear
    92 seconds: Login screen visible (I did click to skip the logos, but not immediately, and it still took a little after that).
    At this point, MS is using 556MB + 669MB commit.
    Get to the character select screen, MS is using 581MB + 682MB commit.
    First login attempt fails, it drops down to 434MB + 538MB commit (wonder why?)
    Get to the character select screen again, it's up to 455MB + 547MB commit.
    Log in to character, it drops to 380+460, then rises again to 435MB + 516MB commit.

    It's pretty odd behavior that just getting to the login screen requires a heavier memory load than being logged in.

  20. Default Re: The game itself needs some buffs.

    I only ever have an issue with starting the game up. That takes FOREVER. If you're in Full Screen from the last time you played, that's just awful...You basically lose control of your computer for two minutes.

    The rest of those issues though, I've never seen them. Might help that I have a boatload of RAM though.



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