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    So I recently finished building a new computer, and I finally upgraded to the world of SSDs. However, with only 128 GB storage, I'm going to need an easy way to move files and folders between the drives so that my OS and current games can run off the SSD, while general programs and media can sit on my HDD. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on making managing multiple drives as painless as possible. I've heard about using symlinks to manage files between the two drives, but I'm not really sure what the best way to use those is.

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    SSD's aren't really for gaming. Since all they affect are loading. Actual Game Performance such as FPS will be affected by your CPU, GPU, Memory. SSD's aren't made to be read and written to like HHD's since that will drastically reduce the life of it. Use it for the OS only. That's my advice.

    And here. Use these tips.

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    Reads reduces the life the the SSD, only writes. Even then, you'll have to move massive amounts of data everyday to start to ware it out somewhere in the park of writing 10-20gigs a day EVERYDAY for 5 YEARS straight. IMO SSDs are just as durable as HDDs. Of course, if you're doing lots of video editing, you would know to use something larger and more cost effective.

    I would consider loading time as part of "Actual Game Performance", if it takes you ages to load to the next mission, it could disturb the flow of the game. Also in the case of low ram, there will be swapping and SSD will affect that as well.

    @OP, you can attack your problem in two ways; either just use your SSD until your computer tells you you have no space left OR just take caution and move things like music, movies, pictures off the SSD and onto your HDDs. Make sure to clean out your "Downloads" folder often. Your SSD should perform just the same all the way to the second it becomes full.

    If you're still running out of space, then your SSD's capacity is too small for what you're trying to do.

    Also if you tell me the SSD that you have, I'm sure we can pull some more solid stats for you.

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    SSD's aren't cost effective for gaming. Not yet at least. I personally use a Samsung Series 830 256GB, hands down one of the best, if not THE best.



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