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    Well this is a private server so it might not be all that accurate. The person who uploaded this video has uploaded quite a few fake things that she has claimed to be real as well, and has deleted them once they have been publicly caught (Well..the deletion happened with at least one of the videos anyway)

    I can't say for sure though, but I personally wouldn't count on it :P

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    Unless they added something in the last patch to happyville, this is fake.
    I have been stuck for over a week in Happyville and it's a barren wasteland with a black background that DC's you.

  4. Default Re: Happyville 2012 Shop

    > Miracle Cube

    Yeah, that tells you everything about this video.

  5. Default Re: Happyville 2012 Shop

    Seemed believable till the Miracle Cubes appeared.

    Probably gonna be the same shop as 2 years ago.

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    I didn't buy the miracle cube bit either (1 but I don't doubt that some mounts maybe or even expiring NX clothes might show up.

    And of course, the usual scrolls like AEEs...

    What was in the shop 2 years ago exactly? I wasn't around.

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    White scrolls, chaos scrolls, transformations, drop and exp buffs.

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    I really doubt they're going to change it at all.
    The 2x drop buffs are all that I'm interested in anyway since people have been inflating Easter Egg Buffs all of a sudden and I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices they're asking.

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    Oh, I looked at ScottPilgrim's list and had a mini-flashback. Was this the Happyville event with the exploding trees where people (and hackers) with pets just camped and looted everything until the GMs said "Please don't bring pets in, we can't enforce it, but I'm sure you hackers will listen"?

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    Default Re: Happyville 2012 Shop

    Yes. The one where they said GMs will patrol the tree map, but they were all on vacation and the hackers were unmolested.



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