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    So I made this thread so we could discuss the Tempest update and the events. While the events and such aren't out yet, we can see those in the calendar, we have 3 classes coming up, and we've already had one patch.

    Firstly, I wonder what's the point of this sickness event for Tempest. I do remember it going off on my Mihile but then I CCed and it came back.
    Secondly, anyone notice how Luminous appears screwed in the events? No Hot Time hat and the only level 70 mastery books are Reflection, Apocalypse, and Morning Star.

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    I notices that actually. Everyone else has a hat, but not Luminous. Hm.

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    Prelude to Tempest is pretty boring, they could of added a few events but I'm fine, I'll just wait until Wednseday.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Tempest Discussion

    There's too many bugs that are making me mad.

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    Noticed the Hat not being there day 1 of the patch.. . What makes it worse is that the hat gives 30% HP, if it was MP, I wouldn't care as much.

    As for the books, I'm hoping the other books are an option as well, not just those 3, which happen to be late skills... I kind of dislike having to pay 100-200m per priority book (Mastery, Crescendo, Sorcery, and Absolute Kill) or more due to Nexon's mistake..

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    hopefully they sneak the hat in or it just doesn't show up in the event window for some reason. luminous is actually the one i'm looking forward to the most because i love his story.

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    This whole sickness deal is silly. However, it is funny to walk into the FM and see everyone sick, reminds me of real life. . .

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    New-patch lag made my CPB run fail due to freezing and disconnections.

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    The whole sickness thing reminded me of this article Someone probably thought it'd be fun.



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