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  1. Default Tera Forest Quest. Year 2099.

    Is there some trick to this quest or what? I've completed all the quests the NPC's wanted to give out, and I tried killing Beramot 20 times but I couldn't get a SSG-001.

    Does anyone know if there is a certain little something you have to do to get it?

  2. Default Re: Tera Forest Quest. Year 2099.

    Did you try jumping down into the water and seeing if the item fell into there? I've never had any issues with those quests before, but they might be glitched or something now.

  3. Default Re: Tera Forest Quest. Year 2099.

    I made sure to check the water, all I found were etc drops from Mu Lung monsters. . .

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    Default Re: Tera Forest Quest. Year 2099.

    I heard something about Nexon mixing up the drop tables again. I'm guessing it's a casualty to the new patch.



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