Just a personal curiosity.

So I know we can find attack speeds here, but does anyone know how the frames of skill animations correspond to them? By how much are they accelerated (i.e how much is each frame's duration reduced by) per speed level increase?

Take for example the f/p mage skill meteor shower. The frames of the two animations corresponding to the skill measure at about 0.09 seconds per frame.

1) Which attack speed weapon type does this 0.09 second per frame correspond to? Wand? Staff? 1h sword?
2) What speed does it correspond to? Fastest (2)? slowest (8)? Or somewhere in between?

I ask because some skills' frames measure 0.03s per frame, while some are 0.09s per frame. I wanted to know how these are affected by booster speeds and weapon speeds.

Thanks in advance.