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  1. Default Cash Shop Inventory Clarification

    Is the cash shop inventory shared by explorer classes?

    If I were to make, say, an I/L and a Corsair, would I be able to transfer cash shop items between them?

    And what about say I/L to DB or Cannoneer?

  2. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventory Clarification

    I/L and Corsair would share.

    DB and Cannoneer are "special" explorer classes who have "special" CS invs, they don't share with anyone but themselves. They won't even share with another of the same class, two DB's, two Cannoneers.

  3. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventory Clarification

    Only the Main 5 Explorer classes can share items through the Cash Shop.

    DB/Cannoneer do not count because they are "Special" Explorers



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