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    Default Empress Cygnus and The Aggro System

    Might be the wrong place, as always I apologize in advance if this is the case.

    My server has finally started doing legit V2 empress regularly, though we have yet to be able to kill Empress herself. Our server is pretty crappy, the high leveled population is small at best, and out of what little high levels we do have a majority are either done with the game or hackers which we won't allow on our run due to obvious reasons.

    Due to this, the most we can get is usually 12~15 members, and as of now we have pretty much given up on the hope of actually being able to kill empress in her present state without Hypers. Although I've heard and seen a couple explanations on this aggro system, they aren't really clear on what it actually does.

    I'm come to the conclusion from what I've read that as long as the top damage dealer remains the person dealing the most amount of damage, that Empress won't spam DR at an insane rate(basically treating it as if someone is attacking her solo)

    Is this correct? and if not, I would love to hear a more clear explanation.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: Empress Cygnus and The Aggro System

    that's correct, however... it's pretty iffy, since if that person gets pig'd, pot locked or anything, death starts raining almost inmediately.

    and it seems to be relevant to number of attackers too, something like if you have three dark knights, and one of them deals 1.5x more damage than the other two, empress will still switch aggro.

    can't wait to see this with the aggro window update.



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