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  1. Default question about dojo

    so, i was browsing through this forum and saw the dojo thread...

    surprisingly, the records are very slow compared to kms, while when i look at the bossing thread, u guys kill empress just like kms ppl do.

    so the question is, is GMS dojo different that KMS dojo?

    as in, different amount of stages, bosses, boss hp, et.c

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    Default Re: question about dojo

    I believe all the boss stats are the same. The only possible difference, that I know of, is the "lag" before bosses summon.

    The other big difference is we don't have ABs yet

  3. Default Re: question about dojo

    even before kms had abs, kaisers, et.c number 1 dojo rank in most, if not all servers was at least 6:30 by a merc or 7:00~ by a phantom...

  4. Default Re: question about dojo

    Korea has one of the fastest internet services in the world. Are you seriously wondering?

  5. Default Re: question about dojo

    so, internet there is so slow that u can't make it to summon right away? o_o(given that respawn time is 7 seconds or so)

  6. Default Re: question about dojo

    The bosses spawn on 10 second intervals so if you miss it the first time then you have to wait for the next interval to come around, wasting several seconds.

  7. Default Re: question about dojo

    Door lag probably adds a good minute to my time.

  8. Default Re: question about dojo

    I could honestly say that each beginning stage is about 15 seconds total when the servers are chugging.. :/

  9. Default Re: question about dojo

    ok thanks

    is the spawn time exactly 10 seconds? cause if it is, then obviously, the best record should be at least a minute longer than the best record in kms, which has a 7 second spawn time

  10. Default Re: question about dojo

    KMS doesn't have door lag and as a result has different spawn timers. I believe the best possible time AT ALL in GMS is approximately 7:20.



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