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  1. Default Totems and RLHS.

    I was wondering, is the extra 5 attack you could get by getting three of the best totems in different main stats worth the main stat for yourself you lose worth it?

    Such as equipping the best str, dex and luk totems instead of three of whatever your main stat is?

    Also, I've heard some people talk about account tradeable totems, are these the same totems we have now, or different ones?

    And is there any reason to go beyond 4000 points in one friend?

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    Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    I'm assuming they are different because the current ones are not account tradable. Nexon has yet to release any information on account tradable totems though.

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    Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    The account tradable totems have not been released in any form.
    4000 friendship points is enough for the best totem so there is no reason to exceed it.

    Secondary versus primary stat totems depend, as always, on your current stats. In general, the extra attack is better for the 3rd totem.

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    Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    mathamatically, yes, 3 totems @ the 4k lvl (Brave/Dilligent/Luky/Tenacous i think) are the best. HOWEVER, this would require you to get 12k FP, witch would require ALOT of NX, while the 1k/2k/4k set would only require 4k points. And Yes, thier is no point in going over 4k, as the 5k is more expansive, and weaker

    Edit: my apologies, I had thought the 500m totem also required 5k FP. I was mistaken, it's only 4k
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  5. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    They are probably saving them for something like the marvel machine.

  6. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Rule of thumb, 4 main stat = 1 atk, 4 secondary stat = 1 main stat (to get an exact amount you'd need to know your total atk and total main stat, not including %s in either).

    So what you're comparing is the 1billion combo:
    46 main stat, 13 atk
    To the 1.2billion (plus 3x the points) combo:
    20 main, 20 secondary (20 third stat), 18 atk
    On classes that aren't thieves, 20 secondary stat boils down to 5 primary, and it's pretty much equal. On thieves, they have 2 secondary stats, so it boils down to 30 main stat - and the second option is slightly better.

    Just for needing 8000 extra points I wouldn't do it though.

    I'll also note that on my Hero the ratio's more like 3.2 str : 1 atk, so that might me more representative of the well-funded case.

  7. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    There are 5k totems? I thought you could get the best two totems at 4k points?

    Also, thank you Stereo, that was exactly what I was looking for. I wouldn't have minded getting 8000k more points if it was worth it since I would be getting levels in the meanwhile, but since it is about equal and I already have the 1 billion combo I won't even bother with it.

  8. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Not to mention the prohibitive meso cost >_> I bought a golden totem today and am frantically trying to recoup...

  9. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Sorry to hijack the thread but is it possible to buy RLH keys and stay in there even after the event is over?

  10. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    It was last time. You don't get booted from the map. I cannot verify that your keys will actually function, personally. The daily quests stop popping up, though. The Totem shop still stays open if you are there. I would have to think that the keys would still get you in.

  11. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    I can verify it. You stay in the map and you can use the keys until they expire. Last time RLH rolled around I bought like 40 keys (in an attempt to rush to 200) and only used 30 of them by the time the event ended because I got lazy. Popped in a week or so after it ended and was able to finish the rest of them off, though if you leave the map you can't get back in. Also, the repeatables from other NPCs stop being repeatable.

  12. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to answer, guys :D

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    Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Do consider the possibility that tonight's patch might overwrite our RLH with the KMS RLH, for some reason or no reason at all.
    I'd try to finish using your keys today if at all possible.

  14. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    What's the difference -- worse EXP?

  15. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Unsure about exp, but I hear the KMS RLH doesn't have totems.

  16. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Hmm, all I want is the EXP. Hopefully it won't get affected at all :\

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    Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Let me apply my SP. I'll check the exp rates in a sec.

    Edit: Nothing has changed cept Kumi's....odd...look

  18. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    They probably changed Kumis look because of copyright reasons. It a japanese manga and TV drama show after all, Gokusenit is called.

  19. Default Re: Totems and RLHS.

    Anyone knows if the 2x quest card works with RLH?



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