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  1. Default Wut should i do?

    alright so rejoining ms after a year hiatus.
    im in bera atm, and all my friends quit, and some moved to gaze/demethos? and i hear some southperians play there also.
    i have a lvl 38 bandit and a lvl 30 fighter, with 400m (all 3 evo rings) and a 3line czak on the dit.
    i have zero plans at all buying nx.

    Should i just stick with bera, since i have a lil head start? or move to gaze with some friends,

    does the items i have on bera, warrant that much of a lead over a fresh start.
    i would be making a hero.

  2. Default Re: Wut should i do?

    If they're close friends I think you'd have more fun if you joined them.

  3. Default Re: Wut should i do?

    The characters don't sound irreplaceable by any means but that stuff would certainly be nice to have and would be difficult to get back from starting fresh. You might see if anyone would trade you something across worlds if all you're concerned with is a head start, though. I'm nut sure how popular that is since world transfers went away, but I'm fairly sure some people still play on multiple worlds and someone must play both on GAZED and on Bera.



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