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Thread: 11/25 Downtime

  1. Default 11/25 Downtime

    We suffered multiple outages tonight and as near as we can tell it was due to ours host's being absolute morons.

    After reporting the first outage, of the DB server, they came back 10 minutes after the problem went away with 'we cant find any thing wrong'.

    Then the webserver went down and they came back with;

    "Upon further checking, the container stopped working and it appears that it has been disabled unintentionally. We restarted the server it is now fine and working. "

    I think it's seriously past time to begin looking for a new host.

  2. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    No, that was expanding to more than one server so we stopped running into a resource tug-of-war.
    Both servers are still with the same host.

  3. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    Is it ever not that?

  4. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    I'm not sure if it's the result of this downtime, but some user avatars seem to be busted now. They bring up a 404 error if you try going to the direct link.

  5. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    It could be something other than that, it just hasn't been yet.

    That's impressive considering it doesn't have one... those are determined by files that get written out because they're static 99% of the time.
    How it's possible for that far of a rollback is a disturbing mystery.

    You'd probably need to provide examples since the odds of me spontaneously going exactly where you've been looking are pretty slim.

  6. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    @Untradeable; are two that I see so far

    Oh and ray it looks like. Experiment on him

  7. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    They look pretty gone.

  8. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    I didn't know my avatar was gone until @KhainiWest; mentioned my name. The odd thing is that I can still see @Untradeable;'s avatar just fine.

    EDIT: @MapleCookie;'s avatar is broken for me.

  9. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    That's because your browser's cached it.

  10. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    Has to be since I don't clear out my cache very often. Well, time to upload again.

  11. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    Doesn't work even clearing my cache several time

  12. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    So you're clearing your cache in an attempt to not see their avatars, or are you misunderstanding the discussion here and thinking that clearing your cache will bring back the ones that got lost?

  13. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    Yeah, my avatar is : gone, should I reupload or am I now the subject of science?

    and @zantgx; @Flonne; @Derosis; @Nion;

  14. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    You'll need to reupload. Your previous one is still out there somehow but everyone who was hit lost current versions.
    We actually lost a few entire php files too, but those are easier (and more important) to restore than the images.

  15. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    I know that both you and Dj have changed their avatars recently, so that might be the missing link.

  16. Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    Argh, the one time I forget to save a copy...
    Guess I'll have to find the original image and remake it.

    I had changed mine recently as well, within a month or so.

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    Default Re: 11/25 Downtime

    Well I might as well save mine just in case something goes wrong.
    I guess we can take this issue as a reminder to keep a backup.



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