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  1. Default Issue starting Maple via Steam

    Every time I try to start up Maple via Steam (mind you, this is with Windows 8), I get the following error:

    "The instruction at 0x0062db33 referenced memory at 0x05055215. The memory could not be written."

    Of course, this isn't always the error I get. The error seems to cycle between "Maple is already running" (when it's not really running); "HackShield is already running" (also not running); and just not loading at all and giving no error message.

    Any suggestions?

    Obligatory: I have tried turning off my Firewall and Antivirus, as well as disabling DEP for Maple functions.

  2. Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    I have the exact same problem. I bought a new laptop yesterday and Windows 8 was already installed on it. I downloaded Steam, and tried to start it, but keep getting the same error you do.

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    Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    Well, Gabe complained about how Windows 8 was terrible for gaming a couple of weeks ago, so...

  4. Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    expecting things to work on windows 8 this early in the game is asking a bit much of microsoft

  5. Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    However there are people running Windows 8 who have no problem playing MapleStory, so this lead me to wonder if it might have something to do with configurations?

  6. Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    Does it work through the launcher?

  7. Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    Its the same as when people went from XP to Vista/7. The game isn't compatible with some new feature or something on Windows 8, and as a result some people will be unable to play it. Others will just have massive crashing issues. Others still will have no problems at all.

    It could be years before they fix it too. It took Nexon like two to three to pay attention to the fact that Vista/7 couldn't run MapleStory stably.

    This is one of the major downfalls to having new PCs all come with a new version of Windows. A lot of applications have issues. The older they are the worse it is. MapleStory is practically as old as they come when you're talking about applications that are still in use after 9 years. It's just compounded even worse by the fact that Nexon doesn't do anything stability wise to improve the game.

  8. Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    Dear TS, I had the same problem you have, I found a solution.!%26nxid%3D6

    Look at the post before the last one. It totally worked for me, I still have to try like three times sometimes, but that's fine since its's just clicking the shortcut.
    It did not work for me the first time I tried, but I deleted maple; (keep the setup) and instill it again in program files (86x)

    Post is pretty self explanatory.

    Hope this helps you,


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    Interestingly enough, this problem resolved itself for me. (Among other problems I was having with Windows 8). We'll see if it resolving itself is a long-term solution.

  10. Default Re: Issue starting Maple via Steam

    Maple was working fine on Windows 8 until recently. Now it seems like I only can get it working every other day. Most of the time I can get to the character select screen an log on, but the the screen goes black and Maple shows up as not responding.



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