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  1. Default Can't get The Next Legend Medal?

    Just hit 200 today abusing Red Leaf Maple High, and can't get the stupid medal. It appears in my (level 200) DB's medal window under the "General" tab, but it says "Obtain 1 level 200: 0/1"


    Dailar won't give me it either... Also, it has no entry in the "General" tab for other characters... Lag? I've relogged like fifty times, and it won't appear.

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    Default Re: Can't get The Next Legend Medal?

    Try relogging on another character, maybe...

    I don't know why that would work but I think I remember not getting that medal until I logged on an alt.

  3. Default Re: Can't get The Next Legend Medal?

    Did that, won't let me get it...

    Blegh, idk. My main is 191 anyway so I guess I'll just see if it works once I hit 200 on her ;_;

    Stupid buggy quests.

  4. Default Re: Can't get The Next Legend Medal?

    Try forfeiting the quest and accepting it again?

    I had no problems with picking up my The Next Legend medal on two mules yesterday and the day before yesterday... (I picked them up in Kerning if that even makes a difference).



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