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    Hi guys,
    I've finally finished all the quests beside the one which i need to kill 222 grey vultures and the one which asks me to get 200 rocks.
    I've got the medal and finished the other quests. Now how do i fight Von Leon? i need to finish those quests or i can skip them?

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    You need to be able to do a quest from luden that tells u kill golems to get a scroll, this quest will give a teleport scroll that sends u to Von leon's entrance room.

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    You don't need to do the quest with the 200 rocks. However I'm 95% sure u need to do the kill 222 grey vultures before you get the quest from Luden about the Golem castles

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    Will back you up by saying its true so its 100%.

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    And how hard is it to kill him for a lvl 145 phantom?

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    probably not possible. There are like three know methods. And Im not sure one of them still exists.
    1) you full DPM him slaughtering him as well as all of his summons
    1.1) only focus on slaughtering the castles when they are summons. for either of these you need to be able to kill multiples of 10mil hp mob monsters in under 10seconds.

    2) Have him max out his rhino summons. So he cant summon anymore. Then you focus on him (10~30mins wait time to max out) <~ this one may not work anymore. Think a while ago they allowed him to summon castle after he "maxed out summons"

    3) have someone draw the mobs away from him while the other(s) attack him. And you just rush away the mobs as he summons (requires more than 1)
    3.1) Maybe possible for solo. Have him summon a lot and then you move WAAAYYY over to one side and you attack him with a little to no summons around him.

    CAUTION with 3.1:
    > When he Warps to you from such a large distance its possible for him to Instance D/C you
    > If he map bans you basically everything you've done is lost. He will 9/10 times warp to you as soon as you reenter.
    > Mobs are capable of moving. So they (castles particularly) can walk up to you making your movement not really worth it.

    Nexon made him to force you to do option 1. Not a very well developed boss in terms getting people to party together. Closer but didn't quite cut it.

    Also just go with 0%exp and try out different things. Obviously the DPM method last.
    He also DR but its easy to spot animation and there's is a long time between animation and effect

    Have fun :)

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    It really depends on if you're trying to solo. Soloing at 145 will probably not work. I killed VL for the first time in a while today and it was a duo. I had a bucc who just aggroed mobs towards the right until VL got maxed out. Then I killed it while it couldn't heal. It has really low HP it's just the healing that's the problem. If you can bring someone to aggro mobs away then you might be able to kill it.



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