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  • Romance

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  • Suspense

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  1. Default Re: any ideas for a webcomic?

    Suspenseful mindfuċk with initially subtle visual motifs that become increasingly obtrusive, then eventually break (or rather repurpose) the fourth wall as the characters consciously manipulate them as elements of their own narrative and reach new understanding of themselves and their relationship to each other and to their world.


    Or, y'know, some wry gray twist on a legend or tale or something.

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    Default Re: any ideas for a webcomic?

    Making a webcomic isn't about satisfying your audience. It's about making your own ideas and putting them out there to show people your story.

    Go for something you would like to see, not what everyone else wants. What kind of stories do you like? Will people be interested enough to read it? If you ask people what kind of webcomic you should do, you will get many different answers because there are different preferences.

    As Locked said, go for what you enjoy, else you won't have any fun with it.

  3. Default Re: any ideas for a webcomic?

    If you don't have any ideas you shouldn't do one. Nobody likes a forced webcomic.

  4. Default Re: any ideas for a webcomic?

    well if I had a genre I could make a plot but my plots are usually weak so thats why I'm open to ideas right now.

  5. Default Re: any ideas for a webcomic?

    If you don't have a plot you basically don't have a story. If you're that interested in making something it might be better that you just go ahead and do what you like first and see how you can improve, no one starts out being perfect.

  6. Default Re: any ideas for a webcomic?

    One idea would be to make something that parallels or parodies your life experiences. For example, the webcomic PhD chronicles life in grad school. There are many other options too. Find what interests you and start writing!

  7. Default Re: any ideas for a webcomic?

    Well I thought of the idea of Angelic Burster and Madoka Magika parody was amusing with Kyuubey hmm...



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