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  1. Default Does anyone still play WoW?

    I just traded my MS gaming career for a WoW one. Is there anyone on SP that still plays WoW? If so, hit me up. My battletag is Moonlapse#1801

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    Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    I am. I'm just taking it easy though, since I still d'ick around in Maple.

  3. Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    I signed up for an account a while back, but I didn't like the controls, so I never really played it again.

  4. Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    But as you can see the last post there is really old. I still have my account active but I don't play anymore.
    The grind got boring, I could heal/tank raids with my eyes closed so it got boring too, people there and everywhere sucks aaand I don't know how to feel about PvP: I was getting good at it with my Priest and Rogue but when MoP came I couldn't get used to.
    Maybe if balance issues are fixed I'd go back.

    @below: They're different kinds of fun... when they're fun.

  5. Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    I been playing a bit, got my Monk to 90 and got kinda bored of the dailies. Still more fun than maple atm though.

  6. Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    Quit before Cata ended. Got tired of weekly raiding ruining my sleep. I'm enjoying the casual play of league and GW2 a lot more

  7. Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    My time just ran out a week ago. A good run, i'd say :3
    I enjoyed Pandaria a LOT, probably my favorite continent aside from Outland. Got me a Jade Serpent and was totally satisfied, but don't have the money or time to continue playing as of right now D:
    I may get another two months in January/Feb if I can though.

  8. Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    I still have a subscription because of the stupid Annual Pass thing, but I rarely log on anymore. MoP is supposed to be pretty good, but between my shrinking free time and Dota, I don't really have time to play anymore.

  9. Default Re: Does anyone still play WoW?

    I still play, and am finding MoP to be pretty fun. TBH, i did burn my self out after the first month or so and haven't been playing a ton the last few weeks. Raiding one night a week makes it super easy to still have a social life and play the end game content even though we are really time limited.

    It is pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the rep grind at 90, but there isn't a need to really rush through them all, you can only earn 1k valor a week and if you do one hub at a time you gain rep fast enough to spend your valor.



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