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  1. Default Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    As we approach the holiday season let's take a moment to be thankful for all we've had this year.

    • Donor's have gotten some quirky and fun new toys & info just for them.
    • The SPDB has made it back among the living.
    • Southperry has received official Nexon fansite recognition.
    • Fiel has a shiny new job so that he can afford to keep living.
    • Our usage has grown enough to need more/new hardware.
    • Extremely awesome Southperry Shirts on sale at the moment, with future offerings planned.

    We've had a few mixed blessing's and low points this year too.

    • Basil Market got an in game event & promotion, opening the way for other fansites to possibly do the same.
    • Sleepywood, once home to many of us, has effectively died out, but we gained a few great new mods in the process who are familiar faces to some of us.
    • The MapleRanks/ETL system finally bit the dust under the horrible weight of how easy it is to level now and the sheer brokenness of Nexon's own rankings.
    • Nexon released their own server status tool that sort of competes with us in an oddly inferior way.

    We're hoping to have some fun events in the upcoming months as our usage spikes due to the holiday crowd and upcoming releases.

    Thanks to all of you who've ordered shirts, and for those of you who haven't, don't miss your chance if you can help it.

    Also remember while doing your holiday shopping this year that if you purchase through the Southperry Amazon referral link at the top of the page Southperry gets a portion of the sale at no extra cost to you. It's a quick and easy way to show a little Southperry support and help us keep going.

    Welcome to the Holiday Season, may it be safe and kind to all and may you all be thankful for what it brings.

  2. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    I may not celebrate Thanksgiving here but happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Try to steer clear of that one Thanksgiving song too while you're at it.

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    Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    Ignore the bottom half.

  4. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    Already had thanksgiving here at blue bill last saturday with state and franklin. Lots of fun, lots of drugs. Happy holidays all.

  5. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    Ah yes, the time of giving thanks...except I have no friggen clue on what to be thankful for, personally. (Maybe because of what I'm going through.)
    Still though. Happy Thanksgiving. (IN ITALICS :D)

  6. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    That's easy; Be thankful it's not worse and that as long as you're alive there's opportunity to get better or least find little happinesses.

  7. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all! Hope everyone eats an old fashioned hearty meal this week!

  8. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    Or possibly more BasilMarket events. :|

    Anyways, I drew a turkey for all of you. It's eating @Corn or as the Indians call him, Maiz.

  9. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    But. but.. I already.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ANYWAAAAAY. :3

  10. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    This thread reminds me of thanksgiving episode of The Middle, where Frankie's boss tells her that they're celebrating that their ancestors killed a bunch of indians... or something similar.

    OT: Happy thanksgiving to all of you :)

  11. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    I just had a deja vu moment while reading this thread. That was pretty eerie.

    Thanksgiving! Have a good one, guys. :)

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    Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey and oh so delicious other food

  13. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    I got a lot of friends and family coming over for Thanksgiving, and that's pretty awesome. Unfortunately I also work for a grocery store...

    Help. :(

  14. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    It's... amaizing!

  15. Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving Week!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone~!

    Can't talk too much now but I hope everyone's having a delicious dinner :).



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