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  1. Default 30 day 2x drop cards

    ...are they not in cash shop?

    Or am I missing some way to make the 10 day ones 30 day? I feel like they removed this feature with the new cash shop because single cubes/packs are separate items.

    What's up with Nexon removing things from the cash shop without saying anything @_@ (yes, I'm looking at you, prots/safety scrolls )

  2. Default Re: 30 day 2x drop cards

    CS > Character Mods > Drop Coupons > 2x Drop Card Type 1-8, go to purchase and there should be a drop down menu for 10/30 days.

  3. Default Re: 30 day 2x drop cards

    I don't see a drop down menu :(

  4. Default Re: 30 day 2x drop cards

    It used to be like that, I was on one for almost a year straight and that's how you bought them.



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