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  1. Default Acceptance Gift rewards?

    Is there a list of them anywhere? Trying to figure out whether it's worth continuing to get and open them, which is difficult to do without sufficient information. Googling the names of what I've gotten so far didn't turn anything relevant up.

  2. Default Re: Acceptance Gift rewards?

    It's in Korean, from the event notice when they had the Mesoranger Event, but perhaps this will help:

    The Chaos Scroll is a 5% Chaos Scroll exclusively for Mesoranger Equips, and the 60s are +4 to a stat, also exclusively for Mesoranger equips. The black sack is an Alien Sack The capsules at the top are Omega Sector and Ludibrium Warp Capsules, and the buffs are, from left to right, 1.5x Drop and 1.5x EXP, respectively.

  3. Default Re: Acceptance Gift rewards?

    Thanks! No, that definitely helps, and jives with what I've gotten so far :)



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