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  1. Default At what level do we get the Alliance Skill?


    I plan on cutting out on my training to finish up the storyline quests for Wild Hunters. When am I supposed to get the Alliance quest?

    Also, are Resistance (and Aran and Evan) supposed to get a bonus outta that? I remember something like that happened a while ago, not sure when or what that was.

  2. Default Re: At what level do we get the Alliance Skill?

    The quest for Will of the Alliance happens at 75 for all characters, after the completion of their storyline quests, as you already know.

    The bonuses were part of an event in the past, because of the Aran/Evan/Resistance revamp going on as a part of the Alliance Unbound update. Along with that event, those characters were able to recieve the Will of the Alliance skill at a much earlier level, along with level 75 epic potentialed equips and the Snow White Jaguar for Wild Hunters. These events have ended, so you will no longer recieve the bonuses.



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