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  1. Default You don't have enough cash

    Except I do.
    I wanted to buy one red leaf high key with the left overs of my skill books/cloths but apparently I can't.
    I have exactly 400nx so I don't get the problem. Is it because I use nx credit?
    But it's the same with maple points: they gave me 99 so I tried to buy one of those event things to get the same message "Not enough cash".

    Am I missing something or am I bugged?

  2. Default Re: You don't have enough cash

    My boyfriend has the same problem, tried to buy the box to motivate him to play more but he couldn't >_>

  3. Default Re: You don't have enough cash

    Yeah, my friend tried buying a Royal Hair Coupon with exactly 3.3k nx. Guessing you'll need 1nx more than what you're about to spend.

  4. Default Re: You don't have enough cash

    That's just stupid. Key things not so much, I'll just charge 5k and buy some whenever I can.
    But why give 99 maple points if you can't use them?

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    Default Re: You don't have enough cash

    Because Nexon's programmers can't tell the difference between ">" and ">="....




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