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Thread: Cod Black Ops 2

  1. Default Cod Black Ops 2

    I'm unaware of the feelings sp has towards cod games but since no one has posted it and it pretty much just came out, wondering if anyone got it. Looks like it doesn't suck complete pomegranate like MW3, and I heard it isn't very laggy at all. So anyone get it? I'd love to play with some spers.

    If you did get it post your system plox. ^^

    Apparently Black Ops 2 is having a free to play weekend on Steam (and also double exp weekend on all platforms) so go check that out thanks to happylight for telling me
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    Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    Oh. It came out?

  3. Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    Oh shoot corn, dat post speed. Yea, I have it here right now. Sucks cause after school no one was there, but I had to go with my mom cause she needed to use her card, and the line was a bit(a lot) larger than earlier. Wasn't as long as MW3 was, like going out the door, but I came kinda late so that's probably why.

    I haven't tried it yet since my bro is watching some football thing, but in 20 minutes. ^^

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    My friend linked me this:

    Could not stop laughing.

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    Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    I went into GameStop to look at stuff and majority of the customers were there for CoD BO2.

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    Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    Lol everyone always says the new cod games are amazing and that they don't lag until they play for a while and t starts lagging.

    Only thing I'm interested in is zombie mode.

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    There's not a lot of talk about this game around the internet at all. It's strange. I expected to see a lot more hype like I saw with the last release. Most people are still all on about Halo 4.

    Oh, well. If the game turns out decent at all, I might buy it for the Wii U if and whenever I get a Wii U. I don't have any first person shooter console games (just first person Metroid), so if it's a good game, I might indulge in the FPS genre. The last FPS game I played for more than 30 minutes at a time was DOOM, which I haven't played seriously in more than a decade. lol The graphics look neat, at least. They look especially sleek on the Wii U.

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    This game alone stopped me from getting Paper Mario yesterday lol.
    All the major gaming stores had massive lines of people pre-ordering / camping for Black Ops 2.

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    With the xbox-like controller, the Wii U might be nice to hardcore game on. The community might be smaller however, due to it being a new console with a limited release market.

  10. Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    That's probably for the better. A smaller, tighter-knit community is better than a huge community with stability issues.

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    went from 1.6 win loss ratio to 0.94 >.> (yes it matters I like to win >=(!) Spawns are a little crazy sometimes, especially in nuketown

  12. Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    Some games I got something like 24/10, and then the other half it's 10/24
    But tbh, I haven't played black ops 1 in a while, so I'm a bit rusty. And I don't know the maps too much.
    Olsi you on ps3 or xbawks?

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    >hardcore anything on a goddamn console

  14. Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    "hardcore game". The Wii U is the best console on the market hardware wise, meaning it can handle more popular games that the "hardcore" audience enjoy to play.

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    yes but hardcore and console are mutually exclusive
    consoles are for people who don't want to dish out the money to buy a high end gaming rig

    even a low end rig nowadays will outperform the 360 in every way possible simply because of the fact that the tech base on that device is so damn old

    the only reason microsoft hasn't released a new console yet is because the tech is so outdated and cheap to manufacture on the 360 that it's becoming more profitable as time goes on.

    console hardcore is like
    dark color scheme, ironsights, (autoaim in multiplayer i'm looking at you call of duty) and a useless ranking system

    i can guarantee that the only reason call of duty sells so well is because people don't understand that it's legitimately a bad game franchise. they buy it because ehrmagherd cawadooey. sherhl oht dat cash monee 4 sum poorly designed maps yo, see you six months from now when call of duty modern warfare six, black ops rehashed editors choice edition comes out.

    I mean christ, there's a reason so many people make fun of the CoD Kiddies.

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    Or, you know, for titles you can't get on the PC.

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    Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    Yea I do have to agree with this part. So little changes from CoD game to CoD game that I have lost a lot of motivation to continue to buy them. Sure Black Ops 2 has a new creative zombies mode, but I've seen multiplayer videos and adding more futuristic stuff like electric-stun bombs, flying turrets, and a scope that lets you see people threw walls doesn't really have a lot of appeal to me. All that crap that gave people advantages over the more skilled players used to piss me off in the other games (I'm looking at you exploding RC-cars and noob-tubes), so why should I jump on the next CoD bandwagon?

    The Uncharted series blows CoD out of the water imo. UC3 serves as my stable shooter, while I also play other new games (currently Dishonored) for diversity.

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    I'm playing it on PS3. So far enjoying it very much.

  19. Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2

    What's your PSN? ^^

  20. Default Re: Cod Black Ops 2


    Not gonna go insane prestiging like I did last two CoDs. Just gonna play some games here and there and have fun.



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