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  1. Basic1 need certain sprites

    I've tried asking maple-anime, and maple-radio and even my boyfriend who has installed MS but I haven't gotten the answer I need. And even my boyfriend won't help me out. So can someone please give me a rar file of the consumable items along with monster drop items for my comics? It'll be greatly appreciated.

  2. Default Re: need certain sprites

    *chokes and dies from you asking maple-radio anything*

    If you have MS installed, you have the "rar"'s you are asking for. Item.wz should contain all the items you need.

    I'm uploading the folders you've asked for right now, please give me a few moments to extract the rest and upload.

    I hope this is everything you need.

  3. Default Re: need certain sprites

    Thank you ^^
    Yes it has everything. Thanks a bunch <3
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