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    Hi all-
    I am trying to solo ck ark on my wind archer to get those last 6 atk on empress bless. I run out of time before ark dies and I think if i used a couple of buff freezers I would be able to kill it. So I boutght a few and they dont seem to work. I die and it does not ask me if I want to keep buffs. They are in my cs inventory. Also will it keep atk pot buff (apple stew etc.)? Also what about echo etc. Thanks

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    Sorry, I don't know about the buff freezers. Do you have them in the cash shop, or in the cash tab of your regular inventory?

    Find someone to Arkarium with you? Preferably a Mihile or well-equipped Dawn Warrior, I think they do best there.

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    The buff freezers are in my cash shop tag of regular inventory not in cash shop where I bought them. They expire in seven days. LOL if I cant find a way to use them. GG nexon

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    I bought a few on a mule to test them. After one death, it asked me if I wanted to use a buff freezer, and I clicked no, then the prompt to respawn came up, so I respawned in town and went to die again. After that, subsequent deaths no longer prompted me to use the buff freezer, so I think it's glitched.



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