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Thread: Mount Covers

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    Default Mount Covers

    As long as your original mount can fly, a mount cover should not effect its ability to fly correct? I know what the answer should be but wanted confirmation of what Nexon says the answer is in game.(namely asking about the Helicopter mount cover)


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    I think the mount covers from the Cash Shop will only work on mounts that you have to equip both a Taming Mob and a Saddle, so just class specific ones and the Hyena, none of which can fly.

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    I bought the perm helicopter from cash shop and I can't fly (I have the skill).

    As above mentioned, you need the regular mounts (hog, draco etc.) to equip the ones sold in cash shop.

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    I wonder how it is in other versions (at least jMS) because there you can fly on Draco, Mir and Shinsoo.

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    You can only fly with those if you have the skill version, which was given out freely to those who had the actual mounts during an event in jMS, so that won't let you fly with mount covers either.



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