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  1. Exclamation The Reality of our "Content"

    Get a cup of tea or a bag of popcorn: this one's going to be a long one. There is no TL;DR and I would appreciate it if you would read through the entire thing and my ramblings, time willing. Thank you.

    First, the charts. The left obsoletes the right. If you could take a look or even have them opened while you read...

    Lvl10 ~ Lvl30

    Lvl30 ~ Lvl60

    Lvl60 ~ Lvl90

    Lvl90 ~ Lvl110

    Lvl110 ~ Lvl165

    Lvl165 ~ Lvl200

    The right is the ideal game; the left is the reality. The sad part of all of this is that I'm pretty sure everything is GMS exclusive in its own way. I'm pretty sure no other version has Rotting Skeleton / Scarecrow / Twisted Jester chimney rooms and Alien Base Corridors full of Cogs with them all giving stupid amounts of experience and no other version still has party play LHC and SH.

    I'm pretty sure all of you have notice but I really have to visually present you the absurdity GMS has taken into diluting content.

    The reality is that, for the most part, content exists and it has existed for the longest time. I'm not sure the gravity of it all is known by the average mapler but there is content in this game but the way things are now, the game promotes only a few areas.


    Lvl10 ~ Lvl30
    When a fresh characters gets through their tutorial, the most time effective way to level is not the storyline quests associated with the character, is not exploring the towns and hunting grounds around them, is not exploring for new NPCs, is not learning about the bosses that threaten the area, and is not anything involved with immersing yourself with the world... No, the most time effective way in the long shot is to take the Dimensional Mirror to NLC, hop on the Hummer Taxi, go inside the Haunted Mansion, go into the chimney, and finally grind 20 levels on Rotting Skeletons. It's arguable to say that no one is being forced to do this, but the allure of powering through your character exists, is easily accessible, and it is always there. There's no money to be gained from doing random quests and the experience you get from them is nothing compared to the experience gained from just a couple of these skeletons.

    These Skeletons in particular are huge offenders because the quests within this level range are all designed to immerse the player with the class and the world. It is also the time where most quests in the world actually exist and the time players would experiment.

    Lvl30 ~ 60
    Then we have a huge offender: the Scarecrow. Right out of 2nd job, these Scarecrows exist just above the Skeletons and, again, provide stupid amounts of experience and obsoletes entire worlds and towns. At this stage, you're probably still in NLC and you will have missed out on Kerning Mall, Upper Ludibrium, all the towers, Aquaroad, almost all of Victoria Island, Showa streets, Orbis, and finally, the most notable content, Chryse. Also, don't forget about all the quests and bosses involved with those areas: all those empty maps, empty towns, empty entrances, and all those NPCs with no one to talk to.

    Lvl60 ~ 90
    Twisted Jesters, the notorious king of a huge level range that now a portion of has been dethroned and dominated by Alien Cogs. Twisted Jesters are still knocking out the rest of upper Ludibrium, all of Omega Sector, almost all of Mulung, a good chunk of Edelstein, and... Nihal Desert? What's Nihal Desert? Whoever goes to Nihal Desert except the people who spend weeks looking for Lunar Dews?

    The worst part of Twisted Jesters is that it rewards power... greatly. They behave like a Party Play monster without the Party Play: if you have enough power to kill these quickly, your experience goes up proportionally. The most common trend of a Maple Story monster is to be 2 shot by a mid range player and 1 shot by an adequately high range player; Twisted Jesters take several shots by a mid range player and at most 3-4 shots by an adequately high range player. However, for the extra time spent attacking, Twisted Jesters give a lot more experience to compensate. BUT if you had all the power in the game, you could 1shot Jesters and be given a hugely disproportionate amount of experience compared to a mob you 1shot that's 10 levels higher. One of the reasons these mobs are so popular is that it's probably the only one of its kind. It's probably a good reason to ax these for that reason alone.

    Lvl90 ~ 110
    And now we come to one of the stupidest mobs ever devised in MapleStory at any map, at any region, at any patch, at any time in history. Nothing can describe the immensity of how severe these Aliens dilute content. The chart seems small but that's only because LHC takes precedence starting at lvl110; if LHC did not exist, Alien Cogs/Miners would be the best mob to train at until Lvl140. A lvl95 mob with the HP of a lvl95 mob but the experience of a lvl140 mob... They even give you 6 different maps (arguably only 3-4 of them can be adequately trained on) so as to ensure you will never step foot in Ellin Forest, Lower Clocktower of Ludibrium, the rest of Aqua Road, the rest of Mulung, the entirety of Herb Town, and the maps around Leafre. If LHC didn't exist, the would fully wipe out every single map except Leafre, ToT, and Stronghold.

    MP3 is shown to still be fighting... The dethroned ghosts have had this problem but they were nowhere near as destructive as the aliens. Exp per mob at MP3 is actually balanced: there were just huuuuuge amounts of mobs. With Aliens, it's actually both their exp AND amount of mobs.

    Lvl110 ~ 165
    I would describe LHC as a shooting gallery for rich people with an audience. That's probably why KMS got rid of it: it's a training ground that promoted leeching which, in other words, diluted content by having players not even have to attend to the game.

    Party Play, on paper, sounds like a brilliant idea: have fewer but very strong, super buff, high HP boss monsters patrolling a map where players can take the time into taking them down, rewarding them to work together to take these down faster, more efficiently, and with more synergy. They're so buff that everyone will want to party and the way Party Player works, everyone will want you. It promotes the idea of working together! Finally a place where you can actually contribute to your party instead of running around a map for hours and hours alone!

    Oh but wait... there's this thing called potential. Oops! Sooooo it turns out a single person can kill everything by themselves and, because they're so freaking strong, they want to kill everything by themselves because the exp is so good... and they won't get protests from their party because they want that single person to kill everything by themselves because they're so freaking strong and because they don't have to do a dam thing. The result is that ToT is a freaking ghost town, El Nath's only redeeming factor is Zakum, lolLeafre gets the occasional visit for HT prequests, and the beauty of Lower Clocktower is unknown to the world.

    Oops! Back to the drawing board Nexon. You might want to address something that turned a great system horribly horribly wrong. You just might save party play!

    Instead, they got rid of it (lol). BUT GMS brought it back... so, despite everything we have seen and all the negativity surrounding it, GMS has taken it upon themselves to bring back (actually, they never ever got rid of it) a system that heavily promotes 4-5 people to sit on their asses all day all night while 1-2 people slaughter an entire map with the flick of their wrists until they reach lvl200. That is... until......

    Lvl165 ~ Lvl200
    Stronghold. Future pineappleing Ereve. What a great place. Great mobs; high damage; high exp; best rooms can't be afk'd in; party play done right; difficult content; cool atmosphere: how does it get better?

    But where is everyone? Well, they're still at pineappleing LHC. pineapple you guys .

    Beside my personal grievances, Stronghold really is the ultimate end game and it really is content done right and it really is a well made place (except lolmutant mobs).

    But, where's the alternative?

    For the first time, we've come to a situation where there really is no other content. There is no second Stronghold. None of it was diluted: this is actually all we have. That giant "NOLO CONTENDERE" is quite an alarming problem: on one hand, the lower levels have huuuge amounts of their content being obsoleted but on the other hand, our end game has a severe lack of content by simply there not being any. If you were like "screw Alien Cogs, I'll train 3x longer at Herb Town because I just want to I guess", you can't do that when you're lvl165+: all you have is Stronghold. Where we were given all this variety, all these worlds, all these theme dungeons, all area bosses, all these NPCs, all these secret Hidden Streets... we have none of it at lvl165+.

    Final Words
    So that is the reality of our content. If you have taken the time to read my ramblings or at least deeply looked into the charts I have made, ask yourselves what you're really getting out of the game. Not the social aspect, not the power creep, not the levels you gain... ask yourselves what the game is giving you.

    I love this game. I really do love this game. I take time to make these kinds of things (like my Shared Cash Inventory thread) in hopes to change the game I love. I love doing quests, experiencing the content, exploring the world, listening to the music, and appreciating the creativity and soul put into the art and atmosphere. A little digression: Ludibrium and in particular Lower Clocktower of Ludibrium is the greatest, most creative, most immersive, most original, most symbolic theme/world I've ever seen in video games- it is truly one of the best content ever made in MapleStory... and it was released years ago.

    I'll just hope something will change. I'm not happy with what's happening now and what will inevitably happen in the future. I sincerely wish Nexon will realize what it will take to save their content.


    Please discuss the state of the game and the content: existing and upcoming. Perhaps you can also provide your own ideas and solutions to the problems our content has. This is a pipedream thread: there is no wrong opinion, even if you think the content is fine as it is. But be prepared to defend...

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    From a personal perspective, I usually take my characters to Aliens at Level 65, these aren't even characters with any funding. Aliens are ridiculous.

    Edit: Even with the severe accuracy penalty they are superior to Jesters. If 50% accuracy cannot deter training and the only firewall can be breached with magic doors there's a problem. Should entrance be as onerous as the back half of LHC? Perhaps, perhaps not, but it shouldn't be that easy.

    Also, I'm not advocating a "grind until your eyes bleed and finger are nubs" scenario either. Pre-BB as I think was mentioned in another thread was perhaps a bit too grindy. I think a Gallopera/MP3 speed of leveling is just about right.

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    You can tell how much thought were put into Aliens when they don't even have a hit or dying animation.

  4. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    I'm aware you can door yourself into aliens anytime you wanted.

    For the sake of neatness and conciseness, I just used their rough level ranges.

    But it goes to show you how even stupider Aliens are.

    Btw, there's a hidden Alien Cog in one of the charts. See if you can find it :S.

  5. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    Near the Raccoons and Droids?

  6. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    Hehehe... reading your thread actually made me realise I had been living under a rock.

    I have actually never trained a character on purely the left side (In fact, only one for 45-50 pre-BB), and always went quests/right side. No wonder it is said that levelling is a joke even though sometimes I still thought it was a bit of a journey to 120 and then onwards. I guess I got more of a game because of living under this rock, hehe...

    Still, a nice little observation, and I have to say, the so-called "content" is "reused" because most/each class (including new ones) go through the exact same thing.

  7. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    I saw that too, I envisioned the Alien loading up its grappling blaster and hiding in the crowd of monsters ready to launch an attack and drag it into the fray while supplanting the Jester. Maybe not your actual intention, but more fun than a simple Easter Egg.

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    Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    This is the same as the other thread just with a different title..... Recycled threads are getting old

    You know not everyone and their mothers train at the haunted mansion. Your chart is based of when you make a new character so lets look at it from a reality stand point.

    Reality (1-110) : When a new class comes out people go train at those other monsters to avoid the over populated maps. No one wants to waste time in a ks war in haunted mansion. Instead they level characters up in other areas that have a better pay out; familiars, recipes, scrolls, no hackers etc. When haunted mansion is infested with hackers maplers are out in the different areas training. They are not waiting for the hacker who has been botting 24/7 to stop so they can have a chance to gain some exp.

    Now regarding the party play areas i'm glad that gms kept those areas. I hate training alone its boring and i fall asleep when gaining 10% an hour. With party play areas their is some sort of interaction and it keeps you going.

    For 165+ their is always the option of staying in tot and grinding to 200 in that area or going to skelle.

    Maplers dont like the grind. I hate grinding for hours, the areas with high exp is what maplers want and nexon saw that. Also in those other maps you will be battling against hackers who are trying to level their character. I dont know if you were around when hackers took over tot and not one map was open for anyone to train in. Maple was at a stand still. In the party play areas hackers cant gain that advantage and they dont take that route. Its the reason why you still see the 16x evan botting at bains

    Before nlc it was all about leech. Selling leech at newties, big foot, anego, hh, zakum arms etc. Maple has always been about the quickest and fastest route to level so you cant complain about these options. If none of the monsters in nlc never existed then you would be comparing your chart with the 2nd best monster to train at.

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    I should make a "Where's Waldo?" with all these. The main point was to look through the massive amount of "content" to give you the feeling of how big the game is but maybe it was too easy.


    My original aim was to make people realize they've been living under a rock by spending all their time on the left... but your situation works too o-o.

    That's why it's easy to make new classes: most of the time, you don't need to make new areas. I think there's a huge gap of no content between ToT and LHC... I forget how long it was but I believe it was years?

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    It's perhaps a bit ironic that this thread came about just as I was one of the only two voters to vote 'no' in a person's poll to bring LHC party play back at MSEA and I don't care to state my reasons either as the people there have never been much for quests or for actually good reasoning either.

    I think I was one of the few people out of my world (Bootes) to get the Quest Specialist Medal before Big Bang when I wasn't even above level 120 simply because I loved quests that much and I'm disappointed that not a lot more of lore seems to have been added (I'll search with my Phantom though, it's more fun finding new quests with a new character). Even with the lack of Scarecrows and Jesters it hasn't stopped MSEAers from finding any way they can to level up without caring for the experience of doing things differently (Quests? What's what? I guess I don't care unless it's related to the job advancement), and I find such an experience to very empty.

    If you ask me what I hope to get out of the game, it's a unified story that highlights the fun of playing a new character, doing things I can't do by playing other characters. While the Heroes getting their own storyline helps a bit it's still not nearly enough to cover a full journey from level 1 to level 200 (Perhaps Phantom comes closest as he receives an odd kind of closure at max level). I don't want to keep going to CDs or bash the Mushroom Kingdom boss. I don't want to see Zakum merely as a punching bag when it's so much more than damage fodder. I want people to see the beauty of inner Ludibrium and just hang around there to appreciate the music, or open their eyes to see how gorgeous Time Temple is. Yet sadly I'm much alone in this as everyone talks about EXP EXP EXP or DROPS DROPS DROPS or EMPRESS EMPRESS EMPRESS, not realising that they've locked themselves in a pattern they refuse to break out of and eventually quit because they think there's no content.

    This brings me to the next part of what I want to say: How pineappling hard can it be to develop actually relevant content, anyway? As I'm not a person who plans to do ridiculous things like solo-ing Cygnus my main goal now is to fully explore Stronghold but I can tell that it's not going to take very long to finish every quest that doesn't have to do with defeating Cygnus so that means I'm stuck with nothing to do again once I'm done with SH. I'll come back later with suggestions because I remember some SPians posting good ideas on expanding content but I can't recall the gist of it right now.
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    Why they are overpopulated is the reason why it's bad. Hacker infestation is an entirely different situation and it involves another thread. By your logic, any map that exists can kick you out because of a hacker: whether or not it is on the left wouldn't even matter.

    Party Play is a great system implemented poorly in the presence of potential. Also, parties can exist in other maps without party play but everyone's too strong for it to matter.

    Anyway, your mentality here is exactly why the chart is actually a reality.

    You're complaining about lengthy training yet you suggest training at lvl140-150 mobs when you're lvl165+? Lol. Well anyway... Anti-Bot Reduction System.

    If Maplers don't like grind, then it should be addressed. Funneling content imo isn't a great solution. You're going around in circles: you claim people want to train at these "solutions" so as to avoid grinding yet you claim no one will train there because they're overpopulated. Seriously?

    Before NLC, leech was for the wealthy: training yourself was still viable and arguably your only option. The difference today is that leech is close to free while training yourself can be too viable.

    The 2nd best monster doesn't have a huge discrepancy with the ones below it like the ones in 1st. I've pretty much identified every single offender and getting rid of them will actually open more content.


    All you have posted is misguided hypocritical negative criticism that goes around in circles.

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    I've leveled so many characters pre BB, when BB released and right now... I think I have an idea.
    First time I played I did quests, explored, laughed, etc up to lv70, and then quit. It took hours to level or to get a decent amount of mesos... no meso/ underlevel= can't explore.
    All my other characters got past 4th job (pre BB and post BB) because I didn't spend as much time exploring as I did grinding. Over the years and with different characters I've explored and leveled almost everywhere* except Magatia. All this because:
    1. After doing it once it's pointless to do ALL the same content over and over again when I can achieve the same while grinding in the same 3 places*. and
    2. There wasn't a story and there still isn't much of a story. Compared to wow's or other games, maple's lore is garbage.
    As good as it is, in wow you'll see people grinding quests where they get the most exp. Regardless of how great content is, people just want to level in wow, or any other similar game. (Unless they're looking for something else, like achievements or items).

    Point is: regardless of how good or bad content is, people (depending on what they want) will go to wherever they have fun: be it leveling, merching, exploring, what-have-you.

    Also, I don't get the question "what are you getting from the game" if we must not consider the most important aspects of the game. How are we supposed to answer?. I MUST be getting fun from the game or else I wouldn't be playing. I have my preferences and my way of having fun, just because we don't share doesn't mean I'm getting fun wrong.

    If you were right, I guess merchs would be the worst: they never get to see any content other than the same 20 rooms!!! And just in one channel!!! Sometimes even two!!! The horror D:

    *Back then it wasn't exactly same 3 places. "x spot for y class" was what made you explore, if I only played my Bowmaster I would've never left Newties because I wouldn't be able to visit other places due to its low HP.

  13. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    I just want to highlight a few things, hope you don't mind:

    1. While Maple's lore isn't as interesting as the lore of other games and it really needs an update because the connections are there but broken, it's not garbage. I don't know just how many quests you completed previously but hunting down the quests that weren't 'Defeat X and get Y, with no expansion on Z' was entertaining because it makes my character feel more like part of the Maple world instead of being an amount of pixels. I'd say try out some of the questlines like the Elin Forest, it's a really neat tie-in to the lore you get from the Elin Forest PQ and even expands all the way to the revamped Silent Crusade if I'm not mistaken. Oh, and Magatia's questline remains my favourite in Maple to this day.

    2. In terms of WoW, while there's still a lot of EXP that IS how quests in Maple Story should also be done. Sure, you mentioned grinding but the quests are chained together and you sometimes get forced to make choices IIRC; because you do play the quests and the characters are linked that may give you incentive to try the other route if you play a new character. I myself only do the new MS quests because I've more or less memorized the key happenings in each but I'll re-do if there's a new link somewhere.

    3. That may not be true re: I must be having fun or I wouldn't be doing this. Sephie's main argument is that people complain a lot about lack of content when there is actually a lot of content, only that it's missed out on as people take one look and say "Nah, I guess I'll just go back to training since it's 2x and I wanted to get to x level", which I could expand on and say people will never stop complaining about lack of content unless something's done about how people blaze past the recommended levels for these areas too quickly. Perhaps a bit of analogy would make this easier:

    Let's say baking is a point by point skill and assume that once you've made it, you've basically achieved a 100% success rate. I can get more money if I make wedding cakes as opposed to cupcakes but to invest on the wedding cake skill I need to make a thousand cupcakes. But wait! A chocolate cake draws near; I only need to make ten of these to be able to make the wedding cake, and making the chocolate cakes takes less time than a thousand cupcakes. So, instead of having fun and trying out a thousand different cupcakes I put in all my effort to make chocolate cakes and I succeed this in five days by making nothing but chocolate cakes. Making wedding cakes seems fun at first and I rake a lot of points but then reality sinks in that 1) I have nothing to do since wedding cakes are in the highest category 2) Wedding cakes get boring and 3) I'm so used to the luxury of wedding cakes and chocolate cakes that I couldn't be bothered to make cupcakes any more as they're too easy. I would quit by this point since there's no more challenge or experience to be had.

    Merchanting is a completely different issue. You think we would see it as being boring because it's the same place but you're missing out on the crucial part that makes it fun: The challenge and experience. I for example make it a goal to make at least 500 million mesos every time I open a shop and I don't even sell Cygnus equips; the things I sell are commonplace scrolls or items that I know will rise in value. A person selling nothing but Cygnus equips would likely see it as being boring since they're following the wedding cake analogy above while I have to have extensive knowledge of the market, study future patches and accumulate the items whose price will rise to achieve the goal I've set.

    And as usual, this got long.

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    The thing is they do. Just not in our version.

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    Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    This... this is the pinnacle of NexonNA stupidity....

  16. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    Actually, I wouldn't mind so much about these insane EXP areas. I got my main (Mercedes) to level 160+ without stepping into Haunted Mansion, Singapore, Aliens, or training at LHC. That was through doing quests all the time and in Theme Dungeons, and also doing PQs. We should get a choice whether to enjoy the content or rush through it. But after around level 110, the theme dungeon was just not possible to level up in by myself. All the monsters were unkillable. Its just a place for leeching. My friend even said something like "that's why you leech there". I hate leeching as I like to be doing something myself. So I literally PQ-ed all the way to 160, before I decided I would start going to LHC to grind. From then on, it's either grind or nothing. There was just nothing much to do from level 140 onwards (when I stopped doing R&J PQ because the EXP became really slow). I could only PQ or try to find a party at LHC.

    Nexon needs to add more content like Theme Dungeons that can actually be completed when the player is of the level range of the theme dungeon. Maybe make a new Theme Dungeon every 5 levels from level 140 onwards, since levelling becomes slower and one Theme Dungeon won't really level you up 20 times during the questline. It will take a lot of time to develop so many Theme Dungeons, but it will make them and their questline actually useful for levelling for the correct level range.

    Some comments on current theme dungeons:

    LHC is a bad theme dungeon because it is definitely not a level 110 place. There is nothing you can kill at level 110. Plus every quest requires you to collect 200 ETCs of each monster when you can't even kill them.

    Mushroom Kingdom is what I call the role model theme dungeon, as you can do everything by yourself with ease. There is an interesting storyline with extremely good EXP rewards, as well as a useful quest reward (Mushking Gloves) as well as useful weapon rewards you could obtain for your level range.

    Chyrse is an average theme dungeon. There is a storyline but the questline is rather bad. It is simply: collect 200 ETCs, complete quest, collect 200 ETCs, complete quest, collect 200 ETCs, complete quest... and so on. It is just so boring. It's not like Mushroom Kingdom where you get a variety of quests. However it is good in the sense that it gives decent EXP when you do the quests there or hunt there when you are in the level range.

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    Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    LHC is not a bad theme dungeon. NexonNA decided to keep it as a Party Play Zone and ALSO keep the "revamped" quest.
    In other versions of MS a single Crocky only has like 60k HP iirc. So 200 Etc items is no problem at level 110.
    I'm with you about the PQ's but at least on Khaini nobody does pq anymore. I can spend a full hour waiting at the lobby with no results.

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    You know what would be more dreadful to see? How much money you can make by training, vs how much is expected in order to obtain end game gear, pre-made or process of making it. Because as any mmorpg-er will say, its the level cap where the game is supposed to begin.

  19. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    Neither have I. Main aside -- considering most of this didn't even exist during its early levels -- I've usually done theme-dungeon type stuff as each character hit the appropriate level. The faster levelers tended to skip Mushroom Kingdom and Kerning Square, whereas the slower levelers tended to skip Chryse (mob control issues maybe?).

    I actually wasn't aware that most people skipped their job quests and started superpowerleveling straight from the gate o_O Levels 10-30, really? It's already damn fast at those levels, what's the point?

    //edit: Actually, now that I recall, there were a lot of people at Blue Ribbon Pigs when Jett came out, and that map had been recommended to me by another player even before that. Surely Haunted Mansion existed already at that point and simply didn't have a complete stranglehold at those levels.

  20. Default Re: The Reality of our "Content"

    Out of the three main MMORPGs I've played I think this only applies to Maple Story. The other two games I play (Glitch, Kingdom of Loathing) either lack a distinctive end-game as the fun there doesn't require cash or high damage or the end-game is basically a lead-on to a second end-game because you need to have played a LOT before you can even figure out how to enter the newly designed area the developers have come up with or be strong enough. Oh, and you don't need cash either, just a lot of patience and the intelligence to figure out the most efficient way that still lets you enjoy yourself.

    @xiiliea; Chew is right. It's doable in MSEA, just that it's a bit tedious as the spawns are still low so I'd rate it moderately high as the total time spent hunting for items that don't expand on the lore is still a sore point.



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