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  1. Default Thank You Mr. Basil

    I completely agree with that post. And if not even that, it should be a 1-time buy and then you're done.

    EDIT: Plus, there's a higher possibility that Nexon would read it.



  4. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    Hey man.

    Not cool.

    At least 16.

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    Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    What, you expect Basilers to read a professional document?

    Heck, you expect a Southperryan to read a professional document?

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    Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    Heh, been a while since Mr.B felt the need to do one of these personal commentaries. Have to say I agree of course

  7. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    He has some good points even if it's written in a condescending tone.

  8. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    It's posted by mrbasil, it could be an erotic novel about his penis and they'd read it.


    Most of those points have been stated in previous petition threads concering nx.

  9. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    This post seems more likely to actually work and get nexon's attention.. Being that basil holds nexon sponsored events and all.


  11. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    Guys this opinion is older than most people who even play Maple.

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    Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    I wouldn't mind if this worked. Alot of players would be glad if the # of items could be more tradable. I mean at least make Zhelms tradable until equiped. I find it bad that extremely low end players cant access them easily as the 3k to cut the helm is as much as the helm itself, making helms more or less void as an example. there are still equips imo that should stay locked when equiped.

  13. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil


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    Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    while true, the fact that he is the "lead" of the most active maplestory site makes it so that more people want to vote their opinion, and on the same branch, makes it more plausible for nexon to at least read it before discarding it.

    i could have made the exact same thread and i wouldn't have gotten half the attention from either basil or nexon.

    and for him, even if it achieves nothing, he should be seeing less "let's petition to make items tradeable!" threads on basil

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    Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    Well I'm pretty sure since Nexon lurks onto the BasilMarket forum, they'll see the thread.

  16. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    I feel like the only reason this is a "major concern" now is because Mr. Basil wants to transfer his own gear but doesn't want to pay for it.

    If it does anything (which I doubt it will), then hell yes I would love to play my Marksman AND Wild Hunter AND Mercedes.

  17. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    Poser. I was making claims about sharing stuff within your account = people would me more enticed to play way before it was cool

    Whether or not you like Mr. Basil or you think he's a child for posting it, the reality is that he actually has influence over a good amount of the community: something a lot of you sadly don't have. You can make fun of him but I for one applaud him for speaking out.

    Good timing too because I have another criticism write-up coming soon that's similar to my shared cash inventory thread. Admittedly, if my name was Mr Basil, it might have a better chance of catching Nexon's attention.

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    Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    I wonder if this would at least prompt Nexon to release a statement because of Mr. Basil's position. I have strong doubts that any change will occur regardless.

  19. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    I do hope it has an impact, but I'll say one thing:
    Nexon wouldn't be swimming in money if they played business nicely.

    I do get the point. Currently I'm playing Dragon Saga (aka Dragonica), and just spending 10 dollars in that game feels much more nicer than spending 10 dollars in Maple Story, because you can get a ton for 10 dollars in Dragon Saga, while in Maple anything under 10 dollars is basically gambling, or expires in 90 days.

  20. Default Re: Thank You Mr. Basil

    I wouldn't necessarily say that. When these were released they were so limited that it was cost effective. But every piece of boss loot falls into this category, well nearly. Nothing to nitpick about.



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