Hey guys, I have an assortment of profession items in stock; I have a variety of seed and flower oils, so you can request any and I shall deliver them! I also have some plates and jewels as well! Also, I have an 8-slot Herb bag and a Swift Wrench for sale too! [Offer me the prices lol]

You can contact me on WilIiamslash [W I L I I A M S L A S H], and I'm online at around [4 - 7 PM PST] and [11 PM - 12 AM PST] on Weekdays. On Weekends, I'm on at about [2 PM - 7 PM PST] and [11 PM - 12 AM PST]. If these times can't suit you, then you can PM me on whenever you can get on; you can also buddy me if you want lol; tell me if anyone's interested!-

Herb Oils
-Lemon Balm Seed/Flower
-Peppermint Flower
-Jasmine Seed/Flower
-Tea Tree Seed/Flower
-Chamomile Seed/Flower
-Patchouli Seed/Flower
-Juniper Seed/Flower
-Hyssop Flower

Mining Plates/Jewels
-Gold Plate
-Adamantium Plate
-Bronze Plate
-Black Crystal
-Power Crystal Ores
-LUK Crystal
-Dark Crystal
-Wisdom Crystal
-Moon Rock
-DEX Crystal