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  1. Default Sell my Mage gear or save it for Luminous?

    I'm at a conflict of interest right now. I can't decide whether or not to sell my Mage gear and purchase some % dex supplies and w.atk basics for my Mechanic, or to keep my Mage stuff for Luminous and simply sell it when Luminous gets boring.
    Either way, I'll still play Luminous since I'm in love with the class. Having high damage would reinforce my love, but it doesn't really matter.
    The problem is that I've made every M.ATK/%INT-using character in the game, so with no more options I'm getting increasingly bored. I decided to try out a Mechanic and I'm absolutely loving it. I'd very much like to fund it and make videos and whatnot. However I currently have nothing to sell except for my Mage gear so funding my Mechanic (the way I want to) like this is near impossible.

    I am a Mage player at heart, and I've been playing them for years in every RPG you can think of (which is why this is such a damn hard decision for me), but I feel like it's time to move on. Right now I'm at such a crossroads that I don't think I can make this decision on my own, so I make this thread and poll to ask you guys.
    Move on and fund my Mechanic, or stick with the good ol' mages until it bores me to death? Please don't offer a suggestion of "dual funding" since it's pretty much impossible with the 30mil and empty inventory I have right now.
    I'll go with whatever the most popular answer is, as long as this thread gets enough votes

    P.S.: I have about 80%INT currently, and the things I'm selling do not include % allstat equipment or equipment that also has high % dex on it. Regardless I could make about 2.5bil maybe more with the things I sell. I plan on having around 87% dex when I'm finished (remember the %allstat and high % dex equips).

    P.P.S.: I make videos with my F/P mage and upload them to basilmarket/youtube. I feel like making the switch to Mechanic will be like a big middle finger to my viewers and subscribers (all 20 of them lol). Consider this when choosing.

  2. Donator Straight Female
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    Default Re: Sell my Mage gear or save it for Luminous?

    It's up to you. I personally love my bishop and rarely play another class (sometimes my phantom).

    However, 80% INT=/= 80% DEX unless you can find someone to trade the same gear with.
    Mage gear, and good mage gear at that, is hard to find in free market, thus making it harder to sell for a good price as well.

    Also, in terms of which % gear sells for the most, I believe it's luk>dex>str>int. Might be vice-versa for int and str.

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    Default Re: Sell my Mage gear or save it for Luminous?

    I'd say to just hold out until Luminous comes. You did say you loved the class so might as well give it a spin with what you have now. And even if in the end you decide you want to fund your mechanic int will be in more demand with luminous so you can probably get a bit more from what you have for your mech.

  4. Default Re: Sell my Mage gear or save it for Luminous?

    But by the time Luminous comes out pirate-based DEX will most likely be inflated to hell and back like LUK was at phantom release. I'd say if he wants to switch to mech funding, do it now, since I think DEX is going to inflate more than INT will as Luminous (read: AB) approaches.

  5. Default Re: Sell my Mage gear or save it for Luminous?

    Well, I'm worried that by the time Luminous arrives and everyone is hyped up for it causing % int to rise, Angelic Burster hype will have caused % dex to rise as well.
    And it's plain to see that the Angelic Burster bandwagon will be MUCH larger than the Luminous bandwagon. A simple Youtube search of "Angelic Burster solo" can tell you that.

  6. Default Re: Sell my Mage gear or save it for Luminous?

    I think 'popular answer' itself tells a lot. I'm going to say to stick with Luminous because:

    1) Good INT gear is harder to get back and harder to sell. With about a month to go before Tempest I'm not sure if you can sell everything off.
    2) You say you're in love with the Luminous class and you're a Mage player at heart. I can see the boredom factor there but there's far more pointers towards Mages than Mechanics still and I've switched classes in Maple enough that I can't say if you're going to stick to your Mechanic even if you do end up funding it (FWIW I have every mage class except for Flame Wizard right now).



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