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  1. Default Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    First of all, the names were terribly misleading to new players such as myself. I was thinking Life Steal = Heal HP when attacking, and Spell Vamp = Heal MP when attacking. Thanks to the Wiki, I know they both heal HP but Life = Auto-attacks and Spell = Skills.

    So far, my account is only level 4 and I've been playing free Amumu as a jungler since ganking is so much fun and he seems to be quite tanky. My only problem seems to be that I seem to have basically no HP recovery / healing on my own (been using Smite & Exhaust).

    That being said...

    1) Which items are better to get? Ones with Life Steal or Spell Vamp?
    2) And what are the best items to get for each of those?
    3) Do either of these get triggered by Sunfire Cape? (Or w/e it's called... the item that does like 40 damage to enemies around you)
    4) Do either of these get triggered by Despair? (Amumu's W... that aura thingy that drains nearby enemy's health)

    5) I've noticed from the stats at the end of the game that I tend to dish out a lot (3x-4x+) more magic damage than physical, so I'm thinking spell vamp would be better?

    If you guys could answer any or all of these questions, I would be eternally grateful!

  2. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Life steal is for auto attacks. Spell vamp is for all other damage. Even spells that do physical damage proc spell vamp. All magic damage (including item damage) procs spell vamp.

    That said, spell vamp is mostly useless on Amumu. Spell vamp is reduced by 67% on anything that isn't a single target spell.

  3. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    I don't understand this. First you seem to say that the spell vamp would be triggered by the Sunfire Cape AND Despair (correct?), but then you say it's useless for Amumu? From what I understand, the strategy is to Bandage Toss yourself into the middle where you can then unleash your multi-hit (magic damage) spells (Tantrum, Curse).

    As far as the reduction in spell vamp for mob attacks go, how exactly is it calculated? If you do 40 damage to all mobs around you with Sunfire Cape with 20% spell vamp, is that a total of 40 * 0.2 * 1/3 = 2.67 HP? Or is it 2.67 HP per monster?

    If I have the entire basic strategy wrong, PLEASE let me know!

  4. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Um, last I checked, stuff like Kog'Maw's Bio-Arcane Barrage and Fizz's Seastone Trident don't benefit spellvamp. I've never explicitly checked in the case of Wit's, Ionic, and Sunfire, but I doubt any champion would get either of those and a spellvamp item.

    It is based off of per monster.

    But your basic strategy is wrong. League of Legends is a team game, and part of Amumu's job is to lock down opponents with his CC, letting the combined efforts of you and your teammate(s) take out your opponents. What you seem to be going for is survivability via spellvamp, which isn't a shabby idea with Amumu, except all spellvamp is typically available with heavy investments into AP. Yeah, there's spellvamp from quints and masteries, but you're sacrificing slots/points to get that spellvamp. In other words, it's a choice.

    So to figure out the better use of your gold, you should consider various situations, such as what happens when you buy armor (you take less damage), versus spellvamp. And calculate the effective gold spent per damage reduced / HP gained. I don't have the time atm to do all the number crunching for you unfortunately.

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    Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Amumu is a tank. You shouldn't be having health regen problems...if you were level 30. See, at level 30 you would have runes, which would help you a lot with jungling (fyi don't buy runes until level 21). Since you are a tank, you shouldn't be carrying life steal or spell vamps. Leave those to the carries.

    In the beginning, since you're apparently jungling (you're the first level 4 jungler I have ever heard of), get Cloth Armor + 5 potions (I'm assuming you already know this). This should help you out a bit.

    Then, grab a Philosopher's Stone as soon as you can. You shouldn't have too much problems with hp regeneration after this. If you are for some reason still having problems, then grab a Catalyst, to be later upgraded into a Banshee's Veil. Note that you shouldn't really grab a Catalyst/Banshee's Veil because a Force of Nature is better when you're high level for tanks, but since you don't have any runes, I think this can be an exception.

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    Philosophers into shurelia's reverie is a good pickup on most champions. It gives great regeneration, cooldown reduction, health, and a team speed buff if you use the active.

  7. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    I did a quick search and apparently the Sunfire Cape does not trigger Spellvamp.

  8. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Yeah, I know it's a team game, and I definitely never fight unless we are evenly matched (equal or more teammates than enemies). I try to pop out of the jungle and ambush the enemies from behind while they're concentrating on my teammates / minions, or when they're fleeing with low health. The SoloMid guide I've been loosely following is less of a tanky build.

    Is there a universal damage formula? Or is it as simple as: <Damage from skill> - <Armor after reduction/penetration>?

    Yeah, I had heard that it was a waste of IP to buy tier 1/2 runes, so I'm waiting till tier 3 gets unlocked. My masteries (all 4 points lol) are split between defense and utility.

    The item I was looking at was the Will of the Ancients (+50 AP with an aura giving +30 AP & +20% spell vamp). I was thinking that it would give me a decent bit of AP to make all of my spells stronger, and also provide a bit of healing for myself and teammates.

    Currently, I'm starting with Boots of Speed + 3x HP pot. Then getting 1-2 Doran's Rings for the mana regen (Blue buff works wonders for Despair), followed by sunfire, Abyssal Scepter, and Frozen Heart. I love auras... can't you tell? haha.

    I tend to spend way more time thinking about things than actually doing them.

    Does Despair?

    EDIT: Yes, it appears Despair does trigger spell vamp.

    EDIT 2: Wow... Google is already showing THIS thread in search results...

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    Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    It's better to mitigate the damage in the first place than regenerate the lost hp if you're not a carry.

    Yeah, start with cloth + 5 pots to help with your lack of runes . Buy Philosopher's stone instead of a Doran's Ring. It provides more mana and health regeneratin, not to mention you can upgrade it into an AURA item later.

  10. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    It's more like <Damage>*<defense modifier>. Except certain exceptions (Banshee's Veil and spellshield equivalents, Jax's Counterstrike, blinds) and extreme cases (Fizz taking flat damage reduction masteries vs. an opponent that suffers from Tryndamere's Mocking Shout and Trundle's Rabid Bite), you never take 0 damage from something.

    If you mouse over your armor and MR stat, they will tell you exactly what reduced damage you take versus the specific damage type.

    I believe the basic formula for calculating damage taken goes along the lines of (base damage) / (1 + (defense stat / 100)). So if you have 100 armor, you take only 50% damage vs. physical. If you have negative armor, you take extra physical damage. And if you have -100 armor (lolwut), you die from ANY physical damage. Actually I just remembered that one time I went into a custom bot game as Soraka for funzies and reduced Dragon's MR to -110. But it didn't die instantly xD

    On a special note, true damage always does its stated value regardless of resists and damage mitigations. True damage does not do more damage if your opponents have negative defense stats. Depending on the method of delivery, true damage may be blocked by spell shields.

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    Don't jungle before having runes for it.

  12. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Do whatever the hell you want in these early levels, always learning.

    Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

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    Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Lolwut. I jungled Amumu w/o any runes, I did fine O.o

  14. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Pff naked ww jungle op

  15. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    1) Since you're asking about Amumu, Spell Vamp is better than Lifesteal on Amumu, but neither really benefits him to a large degree.
    2) Uh.. I really wouldn't recommend any Lifesteal or Spell Vamp, but if you must, a Will of the Ancients for Spell Vamp (for the aura for your team).
    3) According to, Sunfire Cape does not trigger Spell Vamp, nor Lifesteal.
    4) Despair does trigger Spell Vamp, but it really doesn't heal for much at all, I'd highly recommend Force of Nature (Provides large amounts of passive HP Regen as well as high amounts of MR, which scales with your max HP) over Spell Vamp. Though typically Aegis, Shurelya's Reverie, Abyssal Scepter, Frozen Heart cover most of your defensive items already..

    5) That is true, but still, the amount of HP Recovered by Spell Vamp isn't enough to keep you alive in a fight.

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    Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    You can jungle early on (This isn't season 1 jungle people), you just won't be as fast and safe like if you were lvl 30 with masteries and runes.

    On the matter of lifesteal/spellvamp, usually carries (AD and AP) and bruisers get some of that, because they are the most squishies (In the case of carries) and they want to keep hitting a few more hits before dying.

    Amumu being the natural tank he is doesn't need any of those, Armor/Mres + HP are the priorities since you want to stick close to people as long as you can in the middle of something so your (E was it?) do decent damage, and so you don't get bursted down after you initiate with your R (And people are still alive).

  17. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    Amumu's got a strong initiate, you're wasting it by trying to play him like an assassin imo.

  18. Default Re: Life Steal vs. Spell Vamp

    (1) Tankier champions tend to take auras such as Frozen Heart or Aegis, which are best kept on a member that's going to (hopefully) survive the longest. Will of the Ancients is best for your AP carry because they'll want the Spell Vamp aura on them so they're no reliant on you. Not to mention the Spell Vamp aura isn't going to be as important for you as it will be them.

    (2) It's important to be flexible in your builds. Starting items can be a little more rigid since there's only a few combinations that are worthwhile. If an AD carry is getting extremely fed, try shutting them down with more armor through an item like Thornmail or Randuin's Omen (or Frozen Heart. I think everyone goes Frozen Heart now). If an AP carry is getting fed, try shutting them down through MR. You need to analyze who is doing well and then buy items accordingly. That being said, don't forget to pay attention to when (and if) the enemy team has a shift in someone getting fed. It's no good to stock up on armor to just down the ADC when the ADC is now already shut down with your 100 armor and the AP carry is now getting fed and you have no MR.



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