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  1. Default [JapanMS] Level 174 Hayato Vs. Papulatus & Monster Park

    A couple of mistakes were made in the recording of this video. They're obvious mistakes (Senpuuzan issues), but I decided to go with this video for one reason : This video taught me that Hayato can prevent Papulatus from going into his shell by using Issen. I thought it was too good to not share.

    I recorded a Zakum video as well, but Zakum was being a total asshat. He was spamming Super Defense Up and crap. It turned out horrible, so I've got to redo that whenever I can go again. ._.

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 174 Hayato Vs. Papulatus

    Whoa, you timed it perfectly.

    Also, nice background music. Fits Hayato.

  3. Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 174 Hayato Vs. Papulatus

    So I guess Issen works as an Interrupt, which is really cool.

    I wonder what else you can block with it.

  4. Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 174 Hayato Vs. Papulatus

    sankyuusankyuu. Metroid music fits everything. :3

    Monster Park video



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