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    Default US Election Discussion

    Made one for Hurricane Sandy so I guess we could have one for the elections.

    Romney fans and Obama fans can state their opinion but please avoid a flamewar or this thread is closed sooner than we know it. So... Who you think is gonna win? Did you vote? Is the current election system good? What's gonna change if Romney wins?

  2. Default Re: US Election Discussion

    can a mitt fan please explain why you think romney is going to save america without bringing obama's faults into the picture.

  3. Default Re: US Election Discussion

    I'm not a fan of Romney, and I doubt too many people are; most people that are voting for Romney are doing so because his faults when lined up with Obama's are outweighed to the point that they become miniscule by comparison.

    Most people just don't understand why because the media doesn't really cover any of the things that Obama does WRONG, only what he does RIGHT (right in their eyes; I still feel a lot of those things they count as plusses are in fact not).

    So, not bringing his faults into this is entirely impossible, because that is the entire basis of this election; if it stood a shot at winning, Republicans would vote for a domesticated animal over Obama, at this point. And I don't blame them, not one bit.

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    I don't think anyone thinks either is going to 'save' anyone. It's just a matter of who will drive America into a less disastrous direction.

    Edit : Except for those die-hard, ignorant Obama fans who still think he's the greatest thing to ever hit Washington D.C.

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    Default Re: US Election Discussion

    Can't wait to vote later today. Wonder when I'll find the time though...I have a midterm too Q_Q.

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    All I can say about this is that it's going to be really close.

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    Considering the astounding lengths certain parties have gone to in order to illegitimately swing the vote their way, I feel exceedingly obligated to register my objection by voting and dragging along every family member of voting age. We are normally at odds in political terms (and, well, all the other terms too), but in this case self-preservation has outweighed their usual dislike for the rest.

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    i understand but its kind of unfair to obama since romney has never been president. so why are people so sure that romney wouldnt have made the same mistakes?

    "America is hope for the world" - Mitt Romney 2012

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    Default Re: US Election Discussion

    So, this happened.

    I'm happy to say my voting booth worked fine though. :)

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    The same can be said of every first term president since the foundation of this country. Besides, even if that were somehow not true, I would prefer someone with no experience over someone with a terrible track record and 4 years of experience.

  11. Default Re: US Election Discussion

    *crosses fingers that mitt doesnt win*

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    No one can answer that question positively because he's been on both sides of every problem at one time or another. My parents think Obama is too much of a p`ussy so they want romney to give it a shot. They're also upper middle class so obama really is working against them. Middle class is tired of seeing the lower classes spoonfed so they want to try the other extreme avenue of private business spoonfeeding and see if stimulating said private business' will in fact result in a stronger economy.

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    Default Re: US Election Discussion

    To me, he just seems like another G.W.Bush... the kind of person who'll start a war on Syria/Iran and let the poor pay for all the costs. And looking at the values republicans have and the amount of extremists, fundamentalists etc. in the party I definitely wouldn't want one here to replace the current US ambassador in Finland who's pineappleing awesome as a person. Also, what I don't get is why Obama is blamed for not fixing the mess Bush made or for "not changing enough" when, as far as I know, republicans voted against the changes Obama tried to make. They wanted change and now when "change" didn't happen they vote against the "change".

    These are my few cents as a foreign person. Many Americans probably underline different issues and that's okay. I actually voted a party with more republican views on economy but you can't really compare because Finland is an abundantly socialist country.

    Biggest problem I see with US is the two-party system. Finland has 8 parties in the parliament and I still can't find one that I could honestly say I like. If we only had two, I don't even know if I would bother voting.

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    G.W.Bush was never meant to be a wartime president. No one was expecting a damn war to break out until an act of terrorism happened.

    I'm pretty much in the median here. I dislike both, but having to pick one it'd be Romney. In all honesty, this country is heading to the pomegranateter, it's just going to be the one who takes the slower or the fastest route.

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    To your first point, Romney may or may not make the same mistakes. The point is we don't know, no one know. We vote to see who we believe is capable of handling the country for 4 years. Most people feel that Obama hasn't handled the country with great care. He promised so much and we got so little of this "change" that he promised. In his defense, most people didn't know what change was, the expectations were so high I really don't think any president could have met them.

    To your second point: I don't think any American would disagree with that. It is one of those things that everyone supports.

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    Default Re: US Election Discussion

    Because he was dumb enough to think that a country attacked US, when in fact it was a cross-country terrorist organization -> Osama disappeared to thin air and wars failed miserably.

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    ...You do realize that Mitt Romney has made it a strong point that we should be in fact protecting libya? That we as America have a responsibility to be the police of the middle east? Aka another war, right?


    Compare that too...

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    Default Re: US Election Discussion

    Romney did said a lot of lies, it's outstanding.

    IMO: Poor America if Romney wins.

    I'm still waiting for the day religion won't be involved in politics in the US.

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    Voting later today. First time I get to vote, since I turned 18 a few weeks after the '08 election.

    Though unfortunately, no matter what I vote, Romney's gonna win the state I live in, Alabama.

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    All I got from that is that Obama hasn't kept his promises, I already know this, as do most Americans. In all reality, what politician does keep all their promises? I really don't think Romney will keep all of them.

    Mitt Romney's statement are half and half, but the pool of samples are much smaller. Romney uses technicalities, so it makes sense.

    In the end it's what matters to a voter. People vote for different reasons and you are voting for who you believe is going to fight for your cause.

    In other news, I just cast my vote. Make sure to remind everyone who can vote, to vote. Regardless of party you should vote, you may not be able to sway a presidential election, but a local one can be just as important.



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