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  1. Default Patience is a virtue.

    After about 2 years of me getting hacked and losing my most precious item I decided to drop it completely. This cancer, where I got completely owned by an exploit I could not prevent besides being unwanted by those who could do so.

    After it was stolen, it was sold, extremely overpriced to someone I hated, and he held it over my head for about a year. Eventually the mask was stolen from him and brought back to khaini. Someone saw it in the fm and emailed me the ss'. I spent about a week tracking him down to get a hold of him. Out of kindness he gave it back to me, showing him where the name tag originates from. So after 2 years, the one thing I wanted has finally come back to me. Feels kind of like one piece.

    Yes I know in comparison to a lot of gear it's junk, it's been duped, it's been replaced, but it was the only item I ever wanted, and what gave my character identity

    I'm aware it's no where near the best option or even that special. But whatever. This chapter is closed.

  2. Default Re: Patience is a virtue.

    Or to be more blunt, karma's a b'itch. Don't f'uck with people in ways you wouldn't want to be f'ucked either or it comes full circle.

    Congrats and kudos to the kind-hearted person

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    Default Re: Patience is a virtue.

    Congratulations, i mean it, although i could have sworn you had told me you had gotten it back ages ago.

    Now do us all a favor and take off the specs, srsly, i hate that spec/mask combo, get your luffypatch back on




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