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  1. Default Flying Mounts inside Empress

    I think I remember this working before, but does this still work? If so, I assume it would allow me to avoid taking damage from most skills, correct?

  2. Default Re: Flying Mounts inside Empress

    Nexon caught on to that a long time ago and fixed it after the DB Patch if I'm not mistaken. It was very handy when things got to crazy, I miss it.

    Also yeah you could avoid everything 100% and if you were on your mount while she turned you into a pig you would glitch and be able to fly without a mount or anything so you could attack while avoiding everything except for her tornado attack.

  3. Default Re: Flying Mounts inside Empress

    Ah, that's not surprising since it would make soloing a joke for me.
    I just wanted to confirm it before I shelled out for a flying mount. Now I don't have to. Works for me.



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