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  1. Default Statless Kataras: what's the bottom of the barrel?

    Basically this (average, and with good potential - although with only 43 total luk, it adds no luk) Maple Katara is the lowest attack one I can wear. Lower level ones start at 70+ luk, which misses the point.

    Am I missing anything or is this the only real low-level luk/dexless option.

    I'm commited to a certain amount of attack just to get the good range (3 warriors gives 8% hp to damage, as well as +3 all, and I believe the Paladin's adding ~80 to range) but I want to see how much I can reduce w.atk, and just get a ridiculously stable damage range (it's 710-750 per hit with that gear).

    Likewise, Fruit Knife's only the lowest I could find, I don't remember any novelty 1 atk Daggers.

    I'm going to tackle "max damage range with 4/4/4/4" later, expecting 100+ in all stats, since halloween potions are free +30 (since they stack) and Cannoneer/Jett is +18.

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Statless Kataras: what's the bottom of the barrel?

    Razor is 20 attack on average, and can be purchased from Kiriyu in Ereve and Sid in Amherst.



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