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  1. Question What's the Lore with Helsium?

    What exactly is Helsium?

    I've tried to find some information on this through Leafre and Ellinforest but most of them just mentions a Nova race that includes Kaiser and Angelic Burster.

    So is Helsium the City of the Nova Race?
    If so, how are they related to the Maple World?
    Is this like a planet similar to Jett?

  2. Default Re: What's the Lore with Helsium?

    It's some kind of parallel universe pomegranate.

  3. Default Re: What's the Lore with Helsium?

    It's another planet with half dragon people.

    All I understand as the connection between the two planets is that Magnus got blasted there after the previous Kaiser stopped him, then the Black Mage found him and did one of those save your life in exchange for servitude pacts with Magnus, then he became a General.

    .....Until the heroes came to fight the Black Mage, then Magnus took this opportunity to backstab Guwara, stole his powers, then decided to go home. Then he took over Helsium.

    I don't know how it is that the Maple World residents catch wind of Magnus' antics on another planet, or how the Nova race even come into contact with the Maple World. I don't even know the method of traveling between the two worlds. Just that Angelic Burster has plushies of Maple World monsters in her room.

  4. Default Re: What's the Lore with Helsium?

    Maybe like how Elpam Gorlab 'accidentally' got into new leaf city from his Versal world



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