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    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!:

    Well, it seems Nexon isn't going to fix the rankings so I'm just going to leave this here in hopes they actually do something about it.

    Images of problem

    As you can see, this is the most "up-to-date" ranking of my Paladin but the picture hasn't been updated in over a month. This picture was up to date since September 25th. How do I know this? Look at her gloves. She's wearing Anviled Reverse Lubav gloves (kinda hard to tell but it is, trust me). This was within hours of the patch launching (with the release of Fusion Anvils for the first time) and the rankings updated once. However, the game rolled back because of an unforeseen error: if you recall, nebulites were all erased and everything in the storage got a STR nebulite on it, whether or not it could have a nebulite at all. Personally, I had 2 wrenches and 3 rakes in my storage and they all had a nebulite on them.

    After that rollback, rankings have failed to update since. I know the rankings updated once after the patch and before the rollback because I don't have gloves that are anviled with Reverse Gloves; after the rollback, I decided not to anvil my gloves. Thus, what's on the ranking is actually impossible right now because I don't even have those gloves anymore (or never had those gloves at all).

    Sooooooo the rollback on September 25th screwed over the rankings. Nexon, please go back and see what happened on that day so you can get the rankings back up again. It's November now... sheesh.

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    Yeah, it's pretty annoying; my character still has the same look she had back in September too, even though she's had the look in my right signature since the release of Anvils.

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    Default Re: Broken Rankings

    Noticed it too, still waiting for my horns and mask to display

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    It still doesn't even have my 2nd Cannoneer mule listed on the ranks and he's level 61 lol.

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    I'm waiting for the time where I am not using the empress nx gear.....I'm already sick of the cape.

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    Same as Dark Link's situation. My I/L Wizard, Cannoneer mule, Mercedes mule, and my Demon Slayer are all missing from the rankings,

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    Almost none of my characters are on the rankings.

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    I've never seen my phantom on the weekly rankings and it's been over two and a half months since I created it.

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    My avatar in basil looks fugly because of this

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    Yea I wish they'd fix this. My BM doesn't look remotely like the rankings says he does.



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