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  1. Default How do I copy all data in HDD quickly?

    I attempted copying and pasting all the files in my Desktop computer to back them up. (basically, go into C: and selecting the first item in the list (.jagex_cache_32) and then holding shift, scrolling to the bottom and pressing the last item to select everything then right click > copy.)

    It seems the total sum of the size of all the files in C: is roughly 500 GB. However, after hitting paste to put the files in the appropriate external HDD, it says 'discovering files' for a rather long time until it eventually starts transferring only a total of 80.2 GB worth of files. THIS DOES NOT REFER TO TRANSFER RATE (honestly, how would one get that high of a transfer rate?). 80.2 GB refers to TOTAL SIZE of files discovered. This puzzles me because:

    1) the external HDD is a new one and has 1 TB total capacity
    2) the computer's internal HDD is not at maximum capacity
    3) I basically selected everything, but it is only choosing to copy and paste some files.

    Can anyone help? Why is this happening, how do I get around it, are there any faster solutions to backing up my data? (even just the estimated copying time for 80.2 gb was already 4 days).

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    Are you sure you have a total of 500 GB worth of files or is it just how much your internal's total capacity is?

    Anyway, the reason why it's slow is because it's the way external HDDs work. The USB port limits the speed of the transfer depending on what type it is (2.0 or 3.0) or if it's SATA.

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    why do you want to perform a COMPLETE backup? it isn't very useful, go for your essentials.
    if you want a partition recovery, get a program for that. partition magic is great for backups, reparations and the like.

    1: okay
    2: alright
    3: some files are protected/hidden and not meant for transfer.

    I made a seperate partition for my essentials(work, movies, music, private) and I have 2 external harddrives.

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    I don't want to miss out anything and then feel terrible for being so stupid and forgetting. Earlier this week I found a folder I'd completely forgotten about that I made ~6 months ago and stored writing that I don't want to lose in.

    1. Backing up files.
    2. No, the size of my internal HDD is ~750 GB. The sum of the size of my files is 500 GB. Actually, come to think of it, It may be 500 GB left. I forgot if I subtracted or not, so I gotta check; it's that screen that says 'Local Disk C: ___ GB free of ___ GB'
    3. Then it's because of their protection, and not because of a limit to how much I can copy and paste?
    4. Afraid I might need it in the future so I might as well store it since I have the space.

    500 GB worth of files. Internal HDD is something like ~750 GB capacity.

    I basically went my computer > C: > click first item and hold shift > scroll all the way down, click last item > ctrl c + ctrl v

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    Are you saving data anywhere besides your user folder? Everything that's useful to backup will be located there. Any programs that save data on your computer will save it to C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData (which is hidden by default). If you just grab your user folder (or the entire users folder if you really want to) You'll copy all useful files without copying the useless ones, like all installed programs and games.



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