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    Default Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    well, everyone knows i've been irked about the loss of achilles on DrK's for ages, while gaining no comparable power, so i decided to say "screw it" and design a new kind of "dark knight", with very thin defenses but great attacking stats, glass cannon so to speak, here are the skills.

    do note, anything that doesn't have "new", "+" or "moved" is exactly the same as before, just put it there for completion's sake and so that you can count SP used. this is assumming post-hypers, so, iirc:

    10-30= 61
    30-60= 91
    60-100 =121
    100-200 =303
    SP points



    Dragon Knight

    Dark Knight

    i'm sure you noticed it already, but SP is stupidly tight, i made that on purpose

    piercing will replacing iron will, to show the more agressive nature, along with crusher in second job now, i'm sure nobody you're partying with would mind the change to iron will

    the "uniqueness" starts showing in third job with dragon wisdom, which pretty much makes your HP value your MP, and vice versa, while sending all the damage to MP. you can see it as sacrificing your life in favor of a magical shield. i "somewhat" stole this from our healing skill now recovers only MP.

    since i know that switching HP and MP and healing them could be abused, when you toggle the skill on or off, both current HP and MP are reduced to the smallest amount between them (so if i had 20k hp and 4k mp before turning the skill on, i'd have 4k hp and MP afterwards)

    any extra damage would be taken by HP, so if you have the above numbers and get hit for 23k, your MP becomes zero and you take 3k hp damage. damage reduction skills would only work on the 3k damage. 1/1 would still bring mp to zero and hp to 1, after which a single hit takes you out.

    this is the only self-healing skill the class has, and it has no damage reduction bonuses, so things like seduce+1/1 and potion+1/1lock are even more dangerous than before, in the meantime the class has gained good attacking skills and a good amount of critical chance.

    with fourth job comes the jewel of the class, berzerk, which when fully functional grants +200% damage (thus triplicating your damage) and 30% minimum and maximum critical damage. however to get this effect you'll have to be (and stay) under 10% of your HP, those 4k i mentioned? you can't have the full bonus of zerk unless you stay under 400 hp. this is where wisdom's damage-to-MP and MP draining shine.

    beholder loses his healing abilities, and gives only the three damage oriented ones being hex, darkened morals and revenge, goes back to buffing every other time though, and darkened morals lasts for one minute, with beholder attempting to cast it after 30 seconds

    final attack gets a passive boost via serrated blade, boosting it's overall success chance to 80%, and adding a 40% chance of it doing 2 hits instead of one if FA triggers

    impale got "removed", rather it got merged with fury and crusher in fourth job, crusher gains it's range while keeping it's low target count, while fury deals significant damage to mobs

    overall, these are the finishing stats:

    critical chance: +10/+30/+20=
    ignore def: +10/+0/+40
    Min Crit Dmg: +0/+15/+30+15
    Max Crit Dmg: +0/+0/+30
    damage multiplier: +200%

    and here are the hyper skills, so far i haven't thought of a replacement for thirst, so assume it's the same effect for MP instead, could have it do something like "MP healing 100%, party heals HP equal to MP you regain"

    Hyper Skills

    this forces you to make some choices, two out of the three piercing will effects are quite useful, all of sawed blade reinforces are useful, since the first grants you 100% crit chance, the second makes the second strike a 50/50 chance while under the first effect, and the third one brings the damage equal to dark crusher.
    meanwhile dark crusher gets a reduction of 1/4 of it's speed, able to get a fourth strike, and increase the targets hit by one. thus upgrading it even more to boss.

    the delay decrease comes at 190+ or so, the target count is available by 130, with the attack count available at 150

    anyways, what are your opinions on this? what part of it looks too overpowered or you don't agree with? leave your opinions below. i may have had this for kicks because i had the free time, but i also did it to discuss it too.

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    Wow now this is something more unique and exciting to say the least you are in critical all the time or at least trying to be in that state to fully show the true force of the class, as you say a glass cannon true and thru 10/10 would train

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    Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    while you're not really in "critical" all the time due to having a huge shield made from your MP, you do get screwed much easier than before by status effects and such. i've thought of ways in which this could be abused, but can't come with any options that require little to no NX

    appreciated though, any other questions on whatever (performance, scenarios etc) much wanted.

    @KhainiWest; you could have said something too!

  4. Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    I one up'd it because of the time with the calculations and the unique idea with a glass cannon warrior. However I really don't see how any warrior could function as such. It's farfetch'd but doesn't really meet the criteria of what you'd expect from a warrior. Although a "samurai" warrior typically is a glass cannon, I find it typically under a theif or "swag" branch as I like to call it .

    The reason I even made a dark knight was because it was intense. It hit the slowest out of all the branches, but hit hard and was versatile. In a game where defense didn't really matter, HP was your base and your only solid survivibility, dark knight had tons of it and shared it. Well actually this is how I felt about the dragon knight. The transition to dark knight fascinated me because, at the time, it was the only class that used it's buff to make 4th job power, and most of them were auto activated and undispelable. This gave the feeling of the "dark" presence that was beholder, it was a true summon that built on what you were used too rather than discarding every skill as worthless.

    When I fantasized about my own edits on the dark knight, I wanted them to expand on the abilities of beholder. Instead of recoloring old skills, how about adding a skill which shrouds your equipment in it's presence. A dark aura from your weapon that increase it's attack speed/weapon attack. The higher the weapon speed the more hits you accumulate, the same skills with entirely different animation's involving the beholder. I feel like the entire 4th job for a dark knight should revolve around the beholder enhancing every stat and not removing the previous skills but enhancing them. This would also give kind of a fake 4th job skill advantage, could you imagine, all of your previous skills being enhanced 2.5x or something like that? It's like you suddenly refreshed 30 skills that are now reusable, rather than replaced.

    Beholder enhances everything about your character, all skills have an animation involving him, and all the dragon stuff turns into demonic stuff.

    Edit: I'm just adding my own perspective by no means am I saying my idea is better, as I said, a "samurai" like class branch makes this completely plausible

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    Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    this is what i was looking for, i actually did most of what you suggested. i'd need you to explain about the "how any warrior could function as such" though.

    i based this over the idea of tempering our minds rather than our body, have you seen those videos of a guy placing a speartip to his neck and leaning on it? i went kind of with that idea, we use our minds (MP) to make our bodies (HP) invincible, however, running out of MP (or what it would stand, concentration) would make the speartip cut our necks. that was the mojo i went for with the whole HP and MP shenanigans.

    second job features dragon buster, which is still fairly slow, third job improves on it, and adds a faster skill, dragon fury, here's where the whole "honed mind" thing comes into play.

    now, fourth job, i did add a new beholder skill, which is darkened morals, and it requires beholder (beholder is the one that casts the effect on you). berzerk i guess you could compare it to naruto's rock lee chakra doors, sacrificing the physical body for precise powerful strikes. we lower our own HP via sac and roar, to increase our damage.
    now, do note that 4th job fury and crusher don't have an animation, i had planned for a darkened "beholder'd" version of them.

    and if you check, i didn't remove any skills, only impale (which crusher does the same thing, albeit a bit slower without the hyper skill and on less targets)the whole revamp is about the dark knight enhancing it's previous attacking skills, and on fourth job doing so via beholder's darkness.

    which skills did i remove that you didn't want removed? o.o and now, sorry i don't have visual cues of how each skill would be, i went more for the math of it at first ._.

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    They should be regular cannons . And I know you did, the basic idea's are the same, as people who understand our class, but as I said, I'm just speaking from another perspective, although mine is more aesthetic

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
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    Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    Id have kept them as they were, but needed a way to defend themselves while zerking under pot cooldown, and thats what i came up with haha

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    I have no complaints about your ideas, rather I have complaints about KMS's idea. By adding Endure to 3rd job, there's barely enough points to get a good amount of Crusher/Fury. They could have merged Endure with ER instead.

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    Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    Dont remind me, my guide now is zero crusher .-. As much as it pains me.

    I made this build pretty tight on sp though, will put people to think about what to get like before

  10. Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    I always imagined if Sacrifice ever had an attack animation (minus that little dragon symbol thingy that pops up), Dark Impale would be it.

  11. Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    I really like this a lot, especially the upgraded Crusher and Fury skills. For Beholden, I would have placed Aura and Revenge of the Beholden into Beholden and merge their skills into it like healing 5% of HP every 5 seconds like Perseverance does for Buccaneers. Too bad you can't send this Nexon Korea and see what they say. It would be pretty interesting to get an opinion from a company about a particular class that you want to see changes to from a player's perspective.

    Why the removal of Dark Impale? I'm curious.

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    Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    Well, having crusher and fury upgraded makes di pretty much useless, or rather, much less useful.

    I got rid of all healing skills since they would have clashed with zerk (which works by having no hp) and only left the drain but for mp.

    I also noticed, i forgot to put hex of the beholder up there, cant edit it for a few days unfortunately, and darkened morals level 31 and 32 are wrong values.

    Ive been doing a bit of math, and i think i will be nerfing fury a bit, its owning crusher too hard without hyper skills.

    And this isnt my idea of a perfect drk, its more of me giving it a purpose once again, long ago drk were needed to survive, now they are pretty useless, so i made them more offensive-based and sharing that

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    Default Re: Dark Knight Fake skill revamp

    Sorry for the double post, but im adding a bunch of new stuff. Adding the damage calculations for no hyper skills, hyper skills without dark synthesis, and hypers+DS

    Hyper skills used:
    10% crit
    Crusher +1 strike
    Crusher speed enhance
    Fa 20% chance
    Fa 10% chance of second hit
    Fa 30% damage increase

    dragon fury has been nerfed, at max level it's 365*2 strikes
    Dark synthesis is unchanged
    These calculations don't account for buffing time (beholden lasts 20 mins, piercing will 300 secs, booster for 200 secs, and thats all that has to be casted anyways) nor do they account for beholden's revenge damage or hits per second
    Due to all the above, for the damage on x number of targets, just multiply the dmg per sec by the targets
    Only used fastest 2 speed
    mastery of 95% used
    First number is zero pdr, second is 70% pdr, like this 100000-30000
    I believe my calculations are correct, anyone is welcome to doublecheck though.

    Frenzied crusher:
    DPS: 6255.65%-4066.17%
    HPS: 5.97
    Hyper DPS: 12294.12%-7991.17%
    HPS: 10.78
    Hyper+DS: 12834.78%-8342.60%
    HPS: 11.00
    MPS: 13.25

    Devastating fury
    DPS: 7049.60%-4582.24%
    HPS: 5.2
    Hyper DPS: 8900.94%-5785.61%
    HPS: 5.8
    Hyper+DS: 9823.33%-6385.16%
    HPS: 6.61
    MPS: 8.86 know, comparing these numbers with joetang's latest hero numbers is pretty shocking for me.

    Anyways, any new opinions or questions are very welcome



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