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  1. Default Modifying the way Programs Work

    How do I go about doing this? Since I can't run SAI on my school without administrator permissions, I looked a bit more and found apparently the cause of the issue is that SAI runs a scan at start up to determine if existing versions have been installed.

    Apparently people have tried modifying it before by stopping the scan from running-but this causes it to exit (I think due to failed checksum), so I was wondering about two alternatives:
    1. redirect the scan to another one of my drives, rather than the computer's internal drive, or
    2. modify the scan's function and instead force it to return a 'neutral' checksum that says everything is all right, no previous versions were installed, etc. (so I'll have to find a way to detect what the 'right' checksum is)
    Does anyone know of any other methods I can allow it to run without actually having to do the scan?

    Also, how do I go about changing the way in which SAI's automatic scan function runs/the way it functions?

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    Default Re: Modifying the way Programs Work

    First you would need to obtain the source code which shouldn't be a problem since it's open source.
    Locate the code offending code. You will probably need to read through the documentation to find it.
    Fix the problem.

    To 'fix' the problem, you can probably just add a line that always returns a valid checksum instead of the actual checksum. It would be annoying if you need version updates, but it works just fine. Redirecting the scan would work as well, but may be more complicated if SAI uses dynamic path names.

    It really depends on your level of comfort with the code, but I'd just rewrite the checksum

  3. Default Re: Modifying the way Programs Work

    Was that sarcasm or are we thinking of two entirely different SAIs?

    Haseo really should've been clearer on which SAI he's even talking about.

  4. Default Re: Modifying the way Programs Work

    Even if it was open source, how would you get it to compile without admin permission? You typically compile via command line and I doubt their IT will let them open the command line.

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    Default Re: Modifying the way Programs Work

    You'd be surprised.

  6. Default Re: Modifying the way Programs Work

    Paint Tool SAI.



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