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  1. Cash7 20%ing or GMing a Two-Hand Sword

    So right now, I'm beginning the transition to getting a new weapon and I've decided it's going to be a Two-Handed sword for my Paladin and Kaiser. I have a choice of warding/shielding with 6th Anniversary scrolls (7watk) or just shielding with Tempest scrolls (5watk 3all stats) in the future.

    I did a rough calculation and estimated that it would cost about 22billion to do the 20% 6th Anniversary method if I account for all the wards and shield scrolls needed for a typical scenario. Doing the regular "GM" method would probably cost like 1/5 of that.

    I'm wondering whether it is even worth it... I do like the idea of getting the utmost perfect weapon but its going to cost quite a sum. This doesn't even cover the cost of Enhancing.

    If I do go ahead with it, I'm so definitely going to record the scrolling process and perhaps have one of the few legitimately scrolled 20% weapons in the game since the scrolls themselves were farmed by me during the event (50 atm) and only CS protection and shield scrolls will be used so no White Scroll will ever touch the thing.

    I do have the money so the question is whether to go through with it.

    Another question is what sword should I perfect? VIP, Empress, or Loveless?

    Above average VIP lets me main 2 characters with ease, Empress has the set bonus (even the lower ones are still great like 15%hp and 10watk), and Loveless is simply the strongest weapon in KMS at the moment. Also definitely not settling for average: I have a 140atk clean Empress sword and VIP weapons are flooding out of Gachapon atm so I can always wait for a good one and I can wait for Loveless since it releases before Kaiser iirc...

    Sorry, this is a pretty lousy Should I thread because I already answered my own thoughts but really I'm looking for someone to shake and convince me :S

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    Honestly scrolling an empress weapon would be your best bet; they have more power than VIP weapons and they have a set effect providing more utility. Not only that but empress weapons can be PSoKed to other characters rather than being stuck on a character like loveless weapons will be. I scrolled a 140 atk clean empress 2h sword for my Kaiser with the 20%s from the renegades event; the +7 atk 20%s are just far too costly and you have to factor in that it would need to be cubed and enhanced as well. When empress shoulders release I can basically have the 30% boss effect from the empress 6 set effect while wearing dojo gloves giving an even further boost. Also keep in mind the secondary stat requirement for them is removed with the Tempest update.

    Basically, the empress 2h sword seems to be the best case scenario. I would've used 2h sword GM scrolls if I could but no one seems to even have those anymore. :x

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    you said you want a 2H for the pally and kaiser, but getting an empress/loveless, defies that purpose.

    i MAY suggest a stonetooth, since they're fast 5 and fully tradeable, if so i'd go with 20%'ing.

    if you're gonna go with empress, get 2 and GM them for each char i guess? i'd need more info as to why a pally needs a 2H.

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    Is loveless PSOK tradable? Assuming it is, I'd go with it over an Empress weapon anyway. The empress set becomes far less relevant with Nova/Tyrant equips coming.

    In the end, it really depends on how often you plan to trade the weapon between your pally and kaiser. It doesn't make any sense to psok something daily or even weekly. If it's less than once a month, you probably have the funds to deal with that and enjoy the full damage boost.

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    I never considered Stonetooth but it's not really necessary for Kaiser since he hits speed cap with Normal(6) during trans.

    Also I have an SI glove :S. I'm Aswaning everyday trying to get that speed boost IA.


    Loveless is PSoKable. It could also go up to 150 atk clean vs Empress 140atk clean.

    The set bonus of Empress can still be used because of Empress hat, and Shoulders. That's still a nice bonus that sacrifices some attack.


    I want my Paladin 2H because of secondary weapons. With that, 2H does way more for you in the long run. When you have a higher multiplier and you get flooded with Watk from raccoon masks, tyrant equips, and uber chaosed Empress gear, the damage gap between 1h and 2h get bigger. Now that we know Shield Mastery does not stack with Guardian, I don't really feel like 42% Guard is even significant since it doesn't block anything you want it to block anyway (DR, Ark screen crash, Empress nado etc).

    If I end up getting that IA speed boost, I pretty much seal the deal.

    Also, I really really want to use a Dawn Raven Sword on my Paladin... It matches her so well! D:

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    Hey I had the same question as you and after many hours of thinking. I went with 20% scrolling my 2h empress scimitar (it was very costly).
    In the end it was an amazing weapon with w.att over 240. I was already hitting as high as a level 200 Paladin at Level 140.
    In terms of attack speed, consider this scenario.
    (1) Fast attack speed, sub-par damage range, but takes 30 seconds to kill a Crocky
    (2) Normal attack speed, amazing dmg range, but takes 7~9 seconds to kill a Crocky
    In the end its all about how fast you can kill a monster - the more dmg you do, the more exp you get



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